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The Toronto Socialite Who Inspired Me: Ainsley Kerr

Updated on July 28, 2016

When I first started University the only thing I knew was that I wanted to major in English Literature. Reading was always my pass time and my most loved subject in high school. I loved writing essays and becoming different characters as I read books. But where could this take me? Fast forward ten years later and I am a Content Manager at a startup dot com company flerika and running my own blog for 6 years. It all makes sense now, how my passion and career life would come together. I know where I want my career to lead me. I want to launch my own website and help young women find their passions and deal with the curve balls life throws us.

There have been so many inspirations in my life that lead me to this decision. My Mother and Nonna who always pushed me to be myself and unique, even if they didn't understand me all the time. My grade 11 and 12 English teacher Ms. Colarusso who took the time to discuss the U of T English courses she was taking and always pushed my writing to it's limits. My first and third year professor Blazina at York University who showed me what leading a lecture is all about and how to influence people for the better. My work mom Josie at Vitality Depot who always supported me and continues to support me today. Sarah Michelle Gellar for playing the role of Buffy who through my early years helped me develop a sense of individuality and strength. Lastly is the woman I want to speak of today Ainsley Kerr. I've heard her name before and seen her in many of the online news for Toronto but it wasn't until recently that I researched her for an article I was writing for that I got to know her on a level I hadn't before.

Growing up in a culture of Laguna Beach, The O.C and Gossip Girl, the word socialite has taken on some very negative connotations. But seeing the great name and legacy Kerr has made for herself is exactly what that world needs. She spends time raising money for breast cancer and sitting on the board of many committees. She is an Event Planner and Brand Consultant. It is amazing to see someone not only do such amazing things but be humble and kind in the process. I said in a previous article I wrote that she is known and criticized for her kind demeanor, which I praise her for.

Being a person who wants to start my own business and run a website, seeing such positive forces in the world such as Kerr gives me faith in my abilities to reach out to people. I've dedicated my life to improving the lives of women and to do so requires passion and determination. This also requires role models, having the proper mentor and being committed to putting the time and effort into your dreams. Many of us fall short on this and that's why I encourage you to read about Kerr. Research other socialites, entrepreneurs and business owners who've made a name for themselves.

Remember that being in the spotlight doesn't necessarily make you worthy of it, there are many people out there who have put the hard work in to earn it and display the kind of person many of us are striving or trying to be. That is success: being who you are, striving for your passions and remembering that you only get results when you try.


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