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The Travelling Circus.

Updated on July 3, 2011

Expat Life

For as long as economies have fluctuated up and down the Expat community has followed the work train, from places like Zambia and other African countries in the Seventies to the Middle East in the Eighties and through to this day. I have only a short experience of being an expat but i have met people who have left there home turf over 40 years ago, and have no intentions of ever going back. A lot of people have said they have repeatedly bumped into the same people on the road every few years, in this country or that country. As a western expat in any of these countries you are respected by the locals usually because of what you are. You are paid a good salary with Medical, Car, Phone etc. You are then expected to go along with the other expats and do what they do because its the 'done thing'.

The Done Thing

From what i have seen so far as an expat there appears to be two types:

1. Those who are into everything and push everyone else to do the same

2. Those who keep to themselves and just get on with it.

I personally have chosen to be type 2, the one who does what they are here to do. I have chosen to do this as a pose to type 1, because type one comes with a lot of bull@@@@, if you know what i mean. I know a lot of people who fit this bracket and it really annoys me. There are people who have nothing where they come from but claim they have, and to me honesty and integrity are important so therefore this does not wash with me. As far as i'm concerned i have left my home to work, and thats what i'm going to do. That's why i have set up hubpages, to use the spare time i have to share my thoughts on subjects i like, and hopefully make a bit of money in the meantime.

Travelling Circus

Getting back to my initial heading. The travelling circus has moved worldwide for years and years, building infrastructure and economies. inevitably there will always be expats roaming the world, american, british, Irish etc. At present the main countries to go to are The Middle East, Australia, some parts of Africa and Canada. I have chosen the Middle East, well it chose me really. The sun always shines here but believe me when it gets to 50 degrees its not nice. However, that said, if anyone was considering embarking on the expat experience i would definately recommend Oman as a good starting point. I will personally not be one of those expats who will be out of my own country for 20 or 30 years, i could not do that but appreciate that there are people who can, and have a lot of respect for them. This to me, is something i have to do to get by and provide for my family, until such time as the economy picks up at home, i win the lotto, or find a niche in the market there. I do not know how long that will take but im working on it..........i'l keep you posted.

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