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The Truth About A Few Internet Marketing Myths

Updated on June 19, 2013

Internet marketing can be hard for some and easy for others. Why is there a difference between the marketers that succeed and the ones that fail? You must make a effort and find out for yourself and not believe all of the myths. In this article we are going to poke holes in some of these myths that can hurt business if you listen to their merit.

So many new and naive marketers have a closely-held idea that once they find something great to sell and have a cool-looking site, there's not much left to do but stare at the influx of eager buyers. Take our word, please - that picture does not accurately reflect reality. Your website exists, but it may as well be only in your mind. No problem, the answer to that dilemma is finding where your market exists and falling in front of them like some people fall in front of oncoming cars. You probably aren't famous, don't feel bad - neither are we - so there are not a lot of people dying to hear what you have to say, next. There are too many traffic methods to go into them here, but you can optimize your site for search traffic, do PPC advertising, or even article marketing. Ok, so that's the skinny on that urban legend, and now you know forever.

Next up for myth busting is the notion that charging some arbitrary higher than usual price will make you more money. However, that's not true in all cases. But you need to assess whether or not your product has that value, and will people pay it. Perhaps the only real to know is test your price ranges with your market and see what it will bear. You can do research of your competitor prices and possibly get a better idea.

On the opposite side, lots of marketers are afraid and set a very low product price, and research bears out that that's a mistake and doesn't work. The strategy of pricing your product too low will make it even look cheap and worthless. No marketer would ever spend a lot of time creating a product, and then only ask for some ridiculously cheap price. The best approach is to always test, and you can test different price points and see which one sells the best. In conclusion, internet marketing has gotten bigger and bigger over the years, which mean that the lies about internet marketing have also gotten bigger. The myths that we went over should be considered lies, but still keep your eyes open to find out about others that might exist.


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