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The Truth About Bubblews

Updated on June 11, 2013

Alright Earnings Potential

I suppose one of the pros about Bubblews is that earnings can add up fast. You can count on seeing your earnings increase on a daily basis, as long as you are active on the site. However, keep in mind that payments may be delayed or in some cases you will not even receive payment, for various reasons.

However, I will say that if the site does pay some members, then the chances are those members are doing alright on the site. It is probably safe to say that if Bubblews does pay some members who are very active and successful on the site, then they are earning at least a hundred dollars per month, and maybe even considerably more.

Very Late On Paying Members Or Not Paying At All

Although the site does not specifically say when they pay their writers, Bubblews pays very late. Some members of the site claim that they have been paid in a very timely fashion. However, take a quick look around the site and it is easy to see that there are more members that have waited to be paid for awhile now or they are paid weeks after requesting to be paid.

There are even plenty of members that say they were owed money and were never paid, even after being paid multiple times in the past.

If you are considering writing for Bubblews, then be wary of the site when it comes to their payout system. I would say that you stand a 50/50 chance of getting paid by the site, and if you are paid, then you can expect to be paid either quickly or you will wait awhile to receive the requested amount of money.

Easy To Get Views

It is extremely easy to get views to posts on Bubblews. If you write a few posts per day, then your views will increase. If you don't write for money and write for exposure, then Bubblews may actually be a good site to gain some exposure for whatever you are trying to get exposure for.

It is also easy to get views because you can make connections (fans) who will be alerted when you publish a new post. The larger your connections get, the more views you will get to your posts.

Emails Responses Are Too Slow

One thing that I have noticed about Bubblews email responses is that they are way too slow, and in most cases the support team at the site will simply not reply to emails. This is specially true in cases where people have questions about being paid. If a member of the site has a question regarding their payment, such as why they weren't paid, then the chances are slim to none that they will receive some sort of reply.

I also notice that even when the site's support staff were online, they still don't reply to their emails or even the comments on their profile. It appears when they do get back to some emails it is just a few of them.

The site would be a little better if the staff responded to emails when they say they would respond to it, which is supposedly within 24 hours.

Active Community

Bubblews does have a very active community. You can count on new connections on a daily basis, as well as comments on your posts on a daily basis, and you can count on the community to like your posts if they find your posts interesting. If you are looking for a site with an active community, then Bubblews is a site you should join.

Poor Performance In Google/Yahoo/Bing

You all are probably aware of all of the fun updates that Google has done and will no doubt continue to do, such as Google Panda and Google Penguin. Content from sites such as Hubpages have a hard enough time ranking well in Google, Yahoo and Bing, and Hubpages have standards if Hubs are to be featured.

Bubblews on the other hand have hardly any standards when it comes to what type of content can be published there. Sure, the site doesn't allow content that has affiliate links or less than 400 characters, but browse the site and you will see that the standards are very low. There is a slim chance that articles will rank good in the three big search engines.

What Bubbles Pays For

If the site pays you, then you will make money doing a wide range of things. Lets go over the different activity that the site pays its members for. The activity that Bubblews pays for is as followed:

  • per view
  • per like
  • per dislike
  • per comment
  • per social media share

If the site pays members when they request their payments, then you can see why members of the site would get all excited about Bubblews. The more views, comments, likes, dislikes and social media shares your posts get, the more money you will supposedly make.

Keep in mind that you may or may not be paid the money you are owed, as there are many members who claim they were not paid by Bubblews, even though they followed the rules down to the T.

Bubblews Relies On Mostly Internal Views

One of the things that will be the death of Bubblews is the fact that they seem to rely solely on internal views. Sure, there are many people joining the site on a daily basis, but essentially they become internal views when they read content on the site. How can a site survive on internal views only, or even for the most part?

If the above does not make sense to you, then let me explain it another way. Advertisers don't want to pay for worthless traffic, and unfortunately when people join a site such as Bubblews, then the chances are that they are solely joining to make money and will pay no attention to the ads on the site.

Basically, I think sooner or later advertisers will stop placing ads on Bubblews, or the network that places ads on the site will suddenly not want to do business with the site anymore.

Limit On Posts

When you join Bubblews, then you are only allowed to post 10 posts per 24 hours. This means that you cannot post more than 10 posts within a 24 hour period. This is not unreasonable, but some people may not agree with the restrictions. I think this restriction is quite generous, and that the posting limit should be lower, but as of now there is a 10 post per 24 hour period limit.

Payment Options

There are a few payment options for you if you do choose to join Bubblews. You can get paid via PayPal, which is one of the best methods to choose if you want your money as quick as possible. However, keep in mind that even though getting money via PayPal is usually quick, does not mean that the site will be quick at sending out payments. As mentioned earlier, the site can sometimes take its time sending out payments.

Bubbles can even send out checks to a person's address, and there is another option, and that is the buy me this option. That option basically allows you to use your Bubblews earnings to have Bubblews order you something and then have it shipped directly to you.

First Bubblews Video

Videos About Bubblews

I have decided to include a few videos that relate to Bubblews. I know some people like to view videos about real people talking about real things, and in this case it would be Bubblews. In the following sections feel free to watch these videos that relate to the website.

Second Bubblews Video

Third Bubblews Video


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Final Thought

I would recommend proceeding with caution if you join Bubblews.

I give Bubblews a three star rating.

Bubblews Rating

3 stars for Bubblews


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    • Buildreps profile image


      5 years ago from Europe

      Bubblews cannot exist in the way they claim to do. You cannot earn so much money through internal clicks, called the "traffic'. It's nonsense. Bubblews lies about their resources. Read my article and you'll understand how it really works.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 

      5 years ago from Earth

      Well, the minimum payout is 25 dollars and I made that in about 2 weeks, after making 2 or 3 short posts a day - on average. I clicked their beloved green button to redeem, and it said they would get back to me within 72 hours. Well, it has been about 67 hours and still no e-mail yet. I'm leery of their payment system and something seems really odd about it. A lot of the ones that boast about getting multiple payouts, often type mini-posts that looks like a 2nd grader. Anyway, I'll find out soon enough. I've earned 5 more dollars while waiting for my first payment. There is no sense for me to waste time writing for a site that doesn't pay me.

      Oh, but one thing I have noticed, is that the site ranks well in Google. My blog-style posts often rank on the first page in Google for fairly common topics. I'm sure that will change in due time, especially if they keep allowing crappy content to litter the entire site. It is like a Facebook blog gone bad...

    • LennyP profile image


      5 years ago from Iowa

      I think the biggest thing that makes me wary of them is their payment method seems unsustainable. Here on Hubpages you make money when your content generates money. Bubblews simply pays you for views, clicks, and likes. Especially since, as you said, most of the traffic is internal, I do not see how they can generate enough revenue to cover payments.

    • Tricia1000 profile image


      5 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you for your review and warning. I submitted two articles there and within days made $2 plus. I am not sure whether I will submit more only time will tell. I have seen many negative but also positive reviews. What worries me are the internal views only as well as low quality content. Interestingly its Alexa Rank is 3500 with the age group 18-24 most active on the site.


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