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The Two Sides Of Content Marketing

Updated on October 25, 2013

Defining Content Marketing

Marketing is impossible without content. Basically speaking content marketing is the act of communicating with your clientele and potential clients devoid of selling. In other words It is non- interruption marketing. Instead of advertising your goods and services for sale you instead convey information that makes your buyer more knowledgeable offers consistency The core of this is the belief that if a business offers consistency and valuable and relevant information the buyers will in return reward the business with loyalty.

What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing has changed the way entrepreneurs view internet marketing. If I was told to explain the rise and rise of content marketing as an online marketing strategy, I would say a vociferous information-hungry customer is to be attributed. How right or wrong I am, I don’t know but one thing is certain Businesspersons have been made to believe that by offering useful information that engages their audience, they can turn into profit raking machines in a matter of days. This is principally the reason why every business out there has a blog; a good percentage is heavy on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and a lot more are investing in content curation… but what is the truth about this?

While some businesses report a lot of improvement in their audience engagement through content marketing, there are others that have suffered numerous financial and reputation loss by trying the pathway.

Content Marketing Creed

Here are some quick facts that will help you as you embark on your content marketing bid in Kenya:

  • Content Marketing is Not Cheap

Yeah, you heard me right. Lots of vulnerable businesspersons compare the costs of PPC advertising and email marketing versus the costs of content marketing and decide that content marketing is the cheaper of the choices. Wrong. While content marketing may be cheaper in terms of spending money (that is if you are going to do it by yourself), the investment in terms of time is just despicable. It takes time to research relevant content-whether new or curated and much more time to update and engage with your followers in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Instagram and wherever else you have a presence.

  • The More Effort You Put Into Content Marketing, The Juicier the Outcome

This requires no explanation, but it is probably worth mentioning that the more often you update your blog with fresh and relevant content, the more you gain traffic, which may result into conversions depending on the way you present information in your blog.

  • Don’t confuse content marketing with advertising

Just in case you haven’t noticed, consumers are by and by tuning their years off the direct approach of advertising. They don’t want to be told how product XYZ is the best without any explanations. The internet has turned the consumer into an information hungry creature and they are setting out in search of this information. Give it to them and watch them build loyalty and respect for your brand. After all content marketing is simply about that.

Tips That Will Help You Grow ROI from your content marketing strategy

Before I put another word down, I will be very open with you. I am a part of a content marketing team and we love getting new clients. What I will share as part of content marketing tips that promise faster and increased ROI may sound easy to implement, but I have seen businesses ran by prospering CEOs flounder. So, if you doubt your capabilities of running a content marketing strategy that will give you the desired ROI, talk to us.

Here are the tips

  • Set and Follow Guidelines for posting

By this time you have probably set aside the tools that you would like to use for your content marketing bid. The next thing will be to set posting guidelines for each one of them. Make sure that you remain realistic in your guidelines. No need of assuming you will make a 100 Facebook posts per day while it is obvious you can’t make it.

  • Put High Quality Premium Content Behind Registration Forms

You have seen those websites that as soon as they finish loading, a registration form pops out of nowhere. What was your reaction; Irritation or a very eager filling-in of your details to get to the content behind the form? Putting content behind registrations forms is one way of gaining leads that you can nurture to conversion. But not all content deserves to be behind a form. Talk in town is that content is king… methinks some content is a very tired pawn that does not deserve to be put behind a registration form. Find out what content your fans will appreciate and will do anything to get their hands on.

  • Killing Several Birds With One Stone

That sounds fuzzy, but it is not as so. What I mean is that you should try as much as possible to leverage your high quality content in more than one form. If for example you just wrote a whitepaper that you deem quite high quality, you can choose to make a video for it or a podcast or even extract some part of it and make it into a blog post.

  • Tie Your Content Together

None of your content should be a silo. None should ever be left to stand alone. Use links to tie all of your premium content together. Give your audience a chain of information. They will come to appreciate it. The best way of doing this is by using hyperlinks. Alternatively, having widgets in your blog that point to more related content also sells like hot cakes.

Content Marketing at a Glimpse
Content Marketing at a Glimpse | Source

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