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The Un-Wanted Ads

Updated on December 9, 2017
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Dabby Lyric is a Woman of Survival! She is a Mother who values relationships with others. Writing is her passion and gift to share.

Would You Answer This Ad?


You’re at the Top of My List!

Has any potential Employer ever declared this phrase to you? If so, did their declaration actually lead to a job offer? Or was it just a bunch of fluff meant to give you false hope? I ask because I was blessed with this unfortunate experience. Sadly, my potential Employer turned out to be a real flake! The following are my pet peeves regarding the various stages of employment. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Pet Peeve 1: At-Will Employment!

It was about this time of year in 2014. I had a casual interview at a coffee shop with, let's call him Mr. W. I handled the basic questions like a pro and then turned the tables on him. Apparently, I impressed him so much that he declared that I was “on the top of his list” for the job. I didn’t hear from him until a few months later. He e-mailed me to see if I was still interested in the opportunity. Ironically, I received another job lead at the same time. Sadly, I was desperate enough to give him a 2nd chance. He invited me to his place of business for a 2nd interview. Once there, he confirmed that a job was in place and what the pay would be. He also advised that I would start the following week. His words were music to my ears and I was beaming the entire way home! Relaying the news to my Husband was a joyous moment.

Unexpectedly, I received a call from Mr. W that following Friday. I was advised to hold off on my start date because the company might get sold! Say What? Yes, you read right. I questioned why that would happen. He admitted to being in the selling/buying business and that he’d been in contact with a buyer from NY for years! He told me that a meeting was set the following week and he'd call me to relay the details. This information was not disclosed to me at any point during the interviewing process. I was quite hurt and I felt betrayed! Of course he didn't keep his word! I gave up on him and the job that very moment. I tried to put that horrible experience behind me but it continued to plague my mind. I’d never had anything like that happen to me before so I contacted an Employment Lawyer. Unfortunately, this behavior is legal and there was nothing I could do but move on.

Move on was what I did! I signed up with MERS in a local town. The program aids disabled people to find employment. They basically offer financial incentives for employers to hire you. This is where Mr. W comes back into the picture. I told one of the MERS workers about the situation and they contacted him. They figured if I washed my hands of him, then another client could benefit from the opportunity. She boldly called him in front of me to see what he'd say. He shockingly told her that I still had a job there. Huh? I advised her to stay away from him but she met up with him anyway. Apparently, he agreed to partner up with their organization. Long story short, he wasted their time as well.

This practice is called At-Will Employment and it’s destroying the Working Class Citizens!

My Correspondence with Mr. W

Email 1
Email 1 | Source

My Correspondence with Mr. W

Email 2
Email 2 | Source

My Correspondence with Mr. W

Email 3
Email 3 | Source

Pet Peeve 2: Biased and Misleading Interviewers

The Job Market is intimidating and criminally biased. Potential Employers judge you before they even see you. From your name to Academic and Work History, they’ve already figured you out! The final step is seeing and hearing how well you sell your soul…oops self! They smile in your face and stroke the hell out of your fragile ego. Then they lie to your face and tell you they’ll call! LOL

Pet Peeve 3: NO Call Backs!

Congratulations, you scored an interview! You did and said all of the right things. Yet, you haven't received a follow-up call! So you end up having to call them back and they suddenly get a touch of am-freaking-nesia! I once called a company after waiting weeks for a response. When I called and asked about the job, they acted like I never interviewed for it! In fact, they gladly told me that a former employee was re-hired!

Pet Peeve 4: Hiring In-House!

One particular job that I was interviewing for, required candidates to take Assessment Tests. I was at the center pretty much all day but it mattered not. I eventually got word that the decision supposedly came down to me and another candidate. Said candidate was a current employee from another department. I was livid and let them know it! You don’t conduct such thorough assessments like that and NOT let “out-siders” know that their chances are slim to none!

Pet Peeve 5: Illegal Interview Questions!

It seems being married and potentially having kids can scare certain Employers away! I’ll never forget the time I was asked if I had a family. I’m sure their organization knew that such a question was an illegal one. Yet, the interviewer had NO qualms asking it! At the time, my Husband and I had no kids so I answered “No.” I resented being asked so I questioned its relevance. The interviewer expressed her concerns for an employee’s loyalty, especially when their child is sick. She implied that a parent wouldn’t have the resources needed to have their child tended to while showing dedication for their job. I was sickened by her answer and was glad I wasn’t hired.

I’m sure their organization knew that such a question was an illegal one. Yet, the interviewer had NO qualms asking it!

The whole entire system is built on decrepit building blocks set to protect the Big Corporations. The little guy gets thrown to the wolves and whoever survives is set up to. No one wants to jump back into that world unless they have to.

Color me as “the little guy” going foot to head against the Goliath of the Job Market. I consider myself “awake” from the American Dream. We’re taught early on that getting a good education will lead to a good job.

How long did it take you to color that idea false? Take a minute to ponder the question.

No matter how superior or inferior your school system is, you’re not preparing for your future. You are preparing to work on your hands and knees to serve the 1%. There is simply NO security in having a job! I have two Degrees and neither prevented me from getting passed over for a job or being unfairly let go. Anybody can get laid-off at any moment for any reason. Of course, they won’t tell you the real reasons that they’re getting rid of you. They’re not going to give you the power to sue them. This predicament forces you to immediately find another job and/or apply for unemployment. Neither option is ideal but having a steady in-come keeps a roof over your head! Or is that just fear talking after developing a complex of being an obedient worker bee?



Though the experiences mentioned were traumatic, there are many others I have yet to speak of. I might write a Hub about those another time. Anyway, not being a part of the working class has been sort of freeing.

I don’t have to deal with inter-office politics. Most of that and the constant rejections caused me to have a serious breakdown! Not only was my physical health felling but my mental state was cracking. Now, I have a phobia of going back to work.

I have been seeking therapy for all of these issue and then some. So I’d advise anyone who can relate to anything I’ve written to seek professional help!

I’d like to eventually gain an in-come again but on my terms. I don’t think that I could do a 9-5 ever again! Because the next time my boss allows her flunky to harass me for two horrid years, it won’t end well! When the time is right for me, I will seek Stay-At-Home jobs. Until then, I'll continue bonding with my beautiful babygirl!

Thanks For Stopping By!

Feel feel to check out my profile for more Hubs!

© 2017 Dabby Lyric


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  • profile imageAUTHOR

    Dabby Lyric 

    12 months ago

    I must say Thank You to those involved in Approving Hubs! This one is very near and dear to me and I worked really hard on it. I wanted include more but I didn't want it to become a "woe is me" type of piece. I appreciate you all approving this!

  • profile imageAUTHOR

    Dabby Lyric 

    12 months ago

    Thank you again my Brother for reading my article here. I agree with you!

    I really wanted this one out there for the masses to read because of the devastation it has caused us all!

  • manatita44 profile image


    12 months ago from london

    An unfair system at the best of times. Not easy for many. Really had to know what an interviewer wants and they can get it wrong. Unfortunately, bias is a big part of the problem.

    The children thing is illegal and so you could have taken that up with the company. A kind of civil case. But that can be difficult as they can shut the door against you.


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