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Insurance Customer Service Training Tips

Updated on April 2, 2014

Great Customer Service in the Insurance Market

Customer Service

When offering a policy of insurance a sales representative must think of the many aspects of the sale. Premium is not always the first consideration of the customer. It is often, even in this economy one of the last. The key to a successful sale is customer satisfaction. If you have a quality product that provides quality and appropriate coverage alongside quality customer service, you will have a higher retention rate. Quality products and service also lead to the life blood of any agency, customer referrals.

As a new agent you may tend to concentrate on price when negotiating a sale, of course we tend to think that price alone will make the sale. This is not the case. It may work for the short term, but if the quality of product and service is not there, your client will go elsewhere, even if they have to pay more. This is the norm when selling what is considered an invisible product by some. Here are some tips to help you achieve more successful sale your insurance premiums are not the lowest available.

Improve customer service

  • Listen to the customer, asses their current needs without offering any extra coverage. You do not want your customer to feel like they are being pushed into any extra premiums.

  • Explain their current coverage and point out any short falls. A majority of people do not understand the way their coverage's work, they will appreciate it if you take the time to assist them with this.

  • Be patient, informative and interested. Your client wants to be heard. This builds on customer confidence.

  • Ask the customer when the last time he or she has had their current policy has been fully reviewed. In your question include all policies in the household. This gives an opportunity for a future contact and review. Be sure that you note on your calender when you should call back, usually 30 or 45 day prior to renewal.

  • Offer your policy, explain coverage and compare. This is the time where you can sell yourself and your policy. Customer comfort and confidence goes a long way. If your premium is higher point out the benefits you have to offer the customer, whether it is quality customer service, quality product, or broadness of coverage. When people consider their insurance coverage they think of the amount and quality of protection and easy of communication when and if a circumstance arise that they will have an event to be covered under their insurance.

Client relationships

As an insurance agent you have moral and ethical obligations to you potential clients and current clients. You are in a position of helping them decided which coverage best suits their needs. This is a big responsibility to be taken seriously.

Your professionalism and communication skills are going to carry you far in the insurance industry. Be sure that the staff that you select is professional and licensed where required. I as an insurance professional found success when using these practices,

I have built many relationships with my clients that continue for years, with a customer loyalty that overshadows premium prices. As in any relationship, trust and dependability is key to a lasting relationship. No matter if your building a relationship with a client that is new to your agency or you are maintaining a relationship with an existing client you need to build trust with in that relationship.

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