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The Worst Intern Jobs Advertised Through JobBridge!

Updated on July 17, 2015

What is JobBridge?

JobBridge is an Irish scheme meant to give people in receipt of welfare experience in various sectors of the workforce, along with new skills, and a chance at getting hired by the end of it. Sounds great, until you start looking through advertised internships and become increasingly aware that it is an exploitative scheme meant only to bring down the countries unemployment rates while allowing employers to get cheap full time labor at no extra cost to them. There are advertisements for jobs that would require very little training, therefor making the internship aspect redundant, then there are jobs that actively seek fully qualified interns, usually with Degrees or master level qualifications, for jobs that usually pay extremely high. And while there are some legitimately good natured internship offers, most are simply and quite obviously looking for cheap workers. The entire site is a joke that takes advantage of the job seeker, so here are just a few of the most ridiculous internship advertisements on the site at the moment:

Kitchen Assistant

We all Know what this means...but this company advertised their job as Kitchen assistant rather than dish washer. So yeah some poor soul will be hired to clean the kitchen and dishes full time for next to nothing after getting excited thinking they'l be living the Masterchef experience. While another poor soul has probably lost their job to make way for this cheap labor, even though JobBridge state this can't be done, they also say the intern has to learn new skills, but what exactly are skills when it comes to cleaning the kitchen...most of us do this at home...for free...and are quite good at it, without receiving any sort of (in)formal training. But yeah...lets keep going with these totally legit job offers....


Yeah, An actual cleaning internship. From the same company as above, this cleaner internship think it will take 9 months to teach an intern how to....hmm, clean. But because they use phrases like 'He / she will gain experience in working in an environment to show respect to our residents and their possessions. Also experience how to use supplies responsibly.' its apparently Ok for this company to avail of a free, full time, cleaner through JobBridge. And what exactly is teaching someone how to use supplies responsibly?! We all learn not to huff on or drink cleaner fluids before we can walk...this isn't a new skill, its bloody obvious.

Salaries of Paid Network Engineers

Now I see why they use JobBridge..
Now I see why they use JobBridge..

Network Engineer

A network engineer will apparently involve 'The intern will gain practical experience in performing recurring support activities related to end-user laptops, software for both local and remote users. The intern will receive formal/informal training in the following Performing recurring support activities related to end-user laptops, software for both local and remote users. On completion the intern will have attained skills in performing recurring support activities related to end-user laptops, software for both local and remote users'. Notice how they just use the same sentence three times to make it look like there's actual work to be done....there is not. But somehow you need a computer science degree to qualify for the job. Its obvious that using qualified people to do these jobs is simply a way of getting out of paying real employees, JobBridge doesn't mind though....

Qualified Peoples Need Not Apply

its only making coffee.....
its only making coffee.....

Cafe and Shop Assistant

I cant even. Yes it takes 9 months to learn how to take an order and bring said order to the right table....this cafe assistant internship is taking the actual piss. I've worked as a waitress, and believe me its hard work at times, but I barely needed training, never mind experience! It was my first job our of school, which really says something, since we learn basically no actual skills in all our years in school. So not apply for this job!

Bar Person

Bar internship for working in a bar....this does not take 9 months to learn, anyone who is anyone has worked in a bar at least once and can honestly say they learned that crap in a week...'looking for cheap labor' wouldn't exactly bring the interns a running though would it. and not only that but instead of opting for the usual 30 hour a week internship, they've bulldozed ahead to the full time 40 hours, which raises the question: Why not hire an actual paid bar person instead of taking advantage of people who are just trying to make a living? But again, JobBridge doesn't care, as long as they get those lazy good for nothings off the couch and working for far less than minimum wage :)


Ah another in the service industry... an internship for a waiter...and they advertise the position with the following 'On completion the intern will have attained skills in communication, stock control, teamwork and running of a business'. Now I've been a waitress, had the job for five years, and in those five years I was never taught skills in running a business..that's management level stuff so really all this intern will learn is how to take orders, how to know when they run out of certain orders, and working with other waiters....which doesn't really qualify as an internship at all, just a job where your working your butt off for next to nothing. How stupid do these employers think people are? Whats worse is that many on welfare are pressured into taking these jobs for fear of losing their welfare payments, which is blackmail in my opinion. So yeah, JobBrige is blackmailing the public.

The Type Of person Who Would Look for Fully Qualified People on Jobbrige

Architectural technician

Ok, sounds fun but this position is not even hiding the fact that they are simply looking for cheap labor, as they even ask for a degree level qualification and a proficiency in Autocad..whatever that is. If you need a qualified person, then pay them the standard minimum wage. These companies don't advertise actual jobs, they then put up internship ads, where the employer makes more money in the deal than the intern, and then hires a fully qualified technician for a job that should have been advertised as fully paid in the first place. They system reeks and its about time people acknowledge the blatant exploitation.

McCAbes Pharmacy Advertising as Many as 20 Positions!

Pharmacy Retail Assistant

Ok, so yeah you don't need any sort of pharmaceutical qualification for this, and thank god, if I had a degree in the area I wouldn't be settling for practically unpaid internships. However, McCabes pharmacy are advertising not one, not two, not even three but in nine different Pharmacies and whats worse in many of these there is more than one position available (see photo), making it clear that McCabes is simply looking to hire free workers, for full time positions, they probably don't even need to pay any actual employees at this rate.


Yes you read that correctly, a caretaker internship. where you will gain practical experience in 'Landscaping, contractor management and customer care skills.' while also being able 'to work on their own without close supervision.' Because that what internships are all about. You don't need any kind of experience or qualifications in this particular area, and probably because you wouldn't need to be doing the internship then, is there even a qualification for this kind of job in the first place??! probably not, but this company makes it clear they just need a full time worker for free, internships aren't about working on your own for extended periods of time, they are about learning new skills from employers, shadowing other employees to acquire these skills and being taught how to work in these environments...not being given a sweeping brush and being told to clean the garden. The only new skills you'l learn here are how to take of advantage of hard working people.

Takeaway Assistant

I've saved the best for last, a takeaway assistant. I mean, other than shaking my head at the sheer lack of fucks being given when it comes to JobBridge Internships, I'm just in awe that these companies advertising positions have to be approved in the first place. No, it does not take 9 Months of 40 hours a week to learn how to work in a takeaway and just because you call it a restaurant, doesn't mean its a restaurant. It certianly doesnt take 9 months to learn 'stock control, kitchen hygiene, till, orders taking and telephone answering'. Whats even more insulting is the very idea that JobBridge approved this advertisement, some absolute jackass saw the application and thought to themselves yes someone will definitely benefit from 9 months of training in this place.

What you may not have known....

So while Job seekers are working their butts off in jobs that aren't really internships at all but actual full time jobs where no new skills are being acquired, for the extra €50 a week, your employer is going to receive "a payment of €7,500 over two years to an employer for each person recruited who has been unemployed for more than 12 but less than 24 months and €10,000 over two years to an employer for each person recruited who has been unemployed for more than 24 months" (info here). So you earn exactly €450 in nine months of work while your employer earns thousands....that seems fair, since you are the one doing the actual work and it also brings down the countries unemployment rates so its a win win for all! Oh and if that wasn't good enough, the money your employer receives isn't considered income so isn't taxable at all, its free, easy money that they get for doing nothing more than hiring some poor person to do an actual full time job for basically free, with no money coming out of the employers pockets at all.

Lets all thank the genius Joan Burton for this highly exploitative scheme that has rid the country of actual paying positions, and given us full time work for under minimum wage. Its a dark era indeed when employers screw the unemployed while its all sanctioned by the very people we voted into government...but there you have it, politicians simply cant be trusted.

On that note, I leave you with a video that expresses exactly how I feel when it comes to looking for internships on JobBridge...Enjoy


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