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"The Worst Stock Market Press Release Ever Written!"

Updated on July 12, 2013

Are you kidding me?

What would you do with an opportunity for investment in a company that has scientific evidence backing a realistic baldness cure for men and women?

If you're like me, you would bet the farm on that stock, and then, invent creative ways to acquire more investment money. A cure for baldness? This company should be turning the stock market world upside-down and inside-out.

I invested heavily in this promising, hair growing company and nearly lost every follicle in so doing!

The up-front, researched reports showed huge promise this company's method of regrowing lost hair was legitimate. The spin concerning this company was proved positive in every area. I did not hesitate to heavily invest, and I was handsomely rewarded--initially.

The market price per share was $2.10/share . . . ((keep in mind, this is a start-up company.) Over a week's worth of trading, the price soared to $2.60/share, turning a nice and steady profit. Then, the worst press release ever written hit the Internet:

The press release, made public on April 27, 2012, created mass hysteria for the Company's stock holders and prospective investors. This company's stock price dropped over 25% on Monday, April 30, and continued a downward spiral through May 3, 2012, the date of this writing.

Part by Part

(In order to avoid duplication issues that would censor this entire article, I am unable to reveal this press release in its entirety. I am also forced to paraphrase the isolated parts shown in bold. Although you will not see exact wording, I will preserve exact meaning through paraphrasing.)

... the Company reimbursed a third party for the purpose of promotion.

The company pays a penny stock "guru" to promote the company's baldness cure? Knowledge of this questionable action created an immediate sense of distrust for this company. How would or could I ever trust any future company statements knowing they pay for their blossoming business plan?

... We are now retracting the information first disseminated.

A general retraction says to me, Mr. Investor, the company out and out lied from the outset.

This company points out that pricing and future estimation in regards to share price, as written before are not trustworthy.

This is the proverbial nail in the coffin.

"Not trustworthy?" Hey there, the company, why not simply tell the world your company's braggadocios, past ramblings with regards to a baldness cure is pure rubbish? And why would I believe any future reporting from your PR department? By and through this statement, you are saying "we are liars, and you would be a fool to invest with us!"

But, it gets worse by the sentence:

Stock pricing and huge upward movement in share price previously reported may never be seen [ . . . ] the company's current experimentation may prove to be unsuccessful. And if successful, we, the company may find it problematic to bring this technology to market, and competition has the ability to use our technology making it impossible to protect.

Investments, by their very nature are tenuous, risky ventures. Before this company released the worst press release ever written, I believed I had stumbled on to THE stock of stocks.

I read the vast collection of positive information contained on their website, and I was sold on their technology. I also enjoyed steady returns on the stock BEFORE this incredibly stupid press release was disseminated on Friday, April 27, 2012.

I positively knew that Monday morning would bring a monstrous sell-off, and my prophecy proved correct. I watched the downward trend for 30 minutes before I sold my shares, seeing a slight profit from the transaction, yet disappointed beyond words with the profit loss I suffered all due to the worst press release ever written.

A true PR pro would never have allowed a press release of this nature ever see the light of day! This multiple word collection has, in essence, ruined this company.

Why is this "The Worst Press Release Ever Written"?

Investors are akin to the rabbit population. Simply hint that you intend to hurt them and watch the race to flee begin. Statements like,"If successful, the company may find it problematic to bring this technology to market, and competition has the ability to use our technology making it impossible to protect," stir tons of fear, causing panic and acute sell-off activity.

Too Late!

This company is attempting to heal its self-inflicted wounds through a statement issued today, 5/3/2012. it reads (paraphrasing):

... can now provide a bright outlook concerning our technology. ...

Wow! Such great news! Or is it? This company has lied before; how would I truly know this information is documented and provable? The answer is obvious--I never would or could know!

Is it not amazing how powerful the written word can be?

In some cases, a well-written, factually true press release can help make a fortune for an up and coming company.

In this case, the worst press release ever written has succeeded in ruining a seemingly promising, new company boasting a revolutionary, new technology.

FYI . . . today, 5/3/2012, the stock fell another 5%.



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    • copywriter31 profile imageAUTHOR

      James Ranka 

      6 years ago from Port Neches

      Hey John,

      Who would use 99% of the wording contained in this self-destructive press release? The purveyor of this incredibly damaging release should never have procured the job #1 . . . #2, he or she should be axed immediately, although the damage is now done and will never be undone. Thanks for your comment!

    • profile image

      John Knippa 

      6 years ago

      Who in the world would use the word "pertaining" in a disclosure statement.


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