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The advantages of Mystery shopping

Updated on February 20, 2017

Mystery Shopping has its perks!

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Image courtesy of [image creator name] /

Are you a born shopper?

Many would say-YES! Then, this hub is for you! How would you like to shop, get some items you like and at the same time, get paid for it? With todays prices and unemployment, you'd be foolish not to say YES! I know what you are thinking! The proverbial-What's the catch?


Yes, WORK! For some, it is a four letter word, but take it from me, if you are willing to work-This one's for you! I have, done, my share of mystery shopping. I have had good jobs and I have had bad jobs. The good part of it is that you get paid for it. If you work smart, you can have fun at the same time!

I like it when they give me some grocery jobs, especially in the Bakery and Deli. I get to sample some free foods and check out their specials. There has been times, when, I have had my lunch for free-courtesy of the company. Then, there are the bank jobs. Those are fun! You get to open an account and do business in the bank. For each transaction, you get paid a certain amount.

The worse jobs I had was when I had to make a phone survey. I would go to Costco. My job was to go to a phone kiosk. I would have to memorize what would seem to be a thousand and one questions. These are demanding surveys and it can be a pain. This mystery shopping company takes you through the fire and you have to ask what seems to be endless questions but in the end, I would get paid.

I had a mystery shopping job with Bestmark. They are a decent company, but they are very demanding and if their survey isn't perfect, they take an certain amount out of your paycheck. I went on a dinner date with my wife courtesy of Best Mark, but upon not answering the questions per their demands, I got shorted. It helps to pay attention to details in this business!

I guess, as with any business, it has its ups and down. You are an independent contractor and as such, you can have your pick of jobs. Plus, the great thing is that you can,probably, deduct your gas, mileage and car repairs on your tax forms.(Check with your tax advisor) It is an interesting job and please do not pay a company to get jobs for you to do mystery shopping. I did the homework and have provided the links for you. The registration is free and these companies are begging for people to work for them.

Be ahead of the curve and do your homework!

 Image courtesy of [image creator name] /
Image courtesy of [image creator name] /

The future of Mystery Shopping!

The future looks bright. The only thing is that you got to be an actor and be a shopper. You evaluate the store services and make sure the area is clean and tidy. I'm not in the business of giving people a low score for customer service. With tough economic times and people losing their jobs, I try to be fair.There have been, at least, two times in which I have complained of poor customer service.

I have heard stories of people making up to $44,000.00 or more a year. If you are thinking of doing this full time, get yourself a new car or maintain it in good condition. I had put some mileage in my van and did, fairly well, but then I needed to repair my vehicle because of the "tear and wear". Use some wisdom when selecting shopping assignments and try to have them as close to your home as possible. It can put much tear and wear on your vehicle, if you are not careful. If you need supplemental income and a little help in paying for groceries, its a great way to make some money.

The best part of mystery shopping is that you set the dates and times you want to work. It gives you some freedom and has its perks. If you are considering doing this full time, there are many other free mystery shopping websites. Take some time to look at some more mystery shopping websites in the search engine and please do your homework. Not all sites are good and reliable. My advice to you is to do it as a part time job and go easy on your car. So, do you want to make some extra money? Check out these links below and see if it works for you. Feel free to pass it down your friends and family. We need to look out for our fellow man and help each other out! The best part is that it is FREE! So, check them out and share some stories with me. By the way, have some fun-It helps!!!

Shop and make some money at the same time!

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Image courtesy of [image creator name] /

More info on Mystery shops!


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    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 6 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      Yes, they generally, do. You can call them and ask them all the questions you went before you commit yourself.

    • vellos profile image

      vellos 6 years ago

      Good information. I have been considering offering myself as a mystery shopper but didn't really know what was involved. I would hope they brief you fully before each assignment so you know what you're in for..

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Great hub.thanks.

    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 6 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      Depend on what company you are working with. Second to none is, actually, a breeze.

    • profile image

      MileMarx 6 years ago

      Shopping is hard work (at least for me) and I can imagine that mystery shopping must be really hard work.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Great links you have provided. I worked in the grocery business for years and the mystery shopper program was a huge part of the company actually linked our bonus payout with mystery shops poorly on your shops and your bonus money went down....voted up