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The art of selling

Updated on April 13, 2010

Methods of selling

After spending the a number of years in the wonderful world of sales: including sales training, I thought I could help out anyone who was struggling with a few pointers.

The first thing to remember is that people don't but unless they want or need an item or service. Therefore finding out what the buyer wants or needs is essential.

The second thing to remember is that people - you, me, them - buy because of their emotions. It is about how they feel; not because of how well something is made, or how advanced it is, or how much you say they should buy. This means you need to find out what drives someone. In business this often means finding out what a buyers 'pain' is. Is there something that they are having trouble with. Out of business this could be anything from personal appearance through to personal finances. - Why does a women buy a pair of jeans? (massive generalisation coming but you get the idea) Its not because how they are cut, or because they are shaped in a certain way. Its because they make her bum look small (or big depending on preference!). It appeals to her emotions!

Because you can not know how people are feeling SCRIPTS ARE OUT. They can work but they are often not the best method. Look at it this way - there are 3 ways of selling...

Firstly the product sells itself. If you are fortunate enough to work in a Ferrari dealership then as soon as someone walks into the showroom it is safe to say you know why they are there. Also, the car itself will do most of the selling. Your job is too point the customer towards the more expensive cars and sell add-ons.

Secondly, you sell using benefits. Tell the customer everything that the product or service can do. This tends to use a script because you are not finding out anything about the customer just telling him or her about what you are selling and hoping to get lucky! It does work but it is like using a machine gun to shoot a fly. You will use a lot of bullets where a more focus method would use only one.

Thirdly, a consultative sell. You talk to the customer or would be client. Ask them questions find out what they want to but then sell it to them!

I have always found that the last method, the consultative sell, is not only most effective but also more rewarding. Anyone can sell using the first two, but the third actually requires skills and effort. You need to build a rapore with the customer/client. You need to earn their trust. You are helping them solve a problem, helping them to make themselves feel good. This will always give you a great sense of achievement when you have made the sale but will also give the customer a buzz (and the chances of repeat business sky rocket!).

In the next hub I'll start going through this process.


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    • Arthur Fontes profile image

      Arthur Fontes 7 years ago from Fall River,MA

      Good Hub and you are correct if a salesperson takes the time to know the customer as an individual the percentage of closes will go up dramatically.