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The beginners guide to earning small amounts through youtube

Updated on August 18, 2015

Earning Small Amount of Money Through YouTube

Earning Small Amount of Money Through YouTube

Have you heard about Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie or Swosh. They are YouTube Millionaire. Well you cannot become millionaire through YouTube but you earn few bucks from there for your videos.

This is the latest trend and many people are rushing to join this bandwagon. Off late I got two warnings from YouTube that the content of my video is inappropriate and I will have one strike in my account for next six months.

Google must be doing this to control spam on YouTube, and when I go to to increase my twitter followers then I see mad rush of YouTubers who are trying to increase their likes and subscribers.

To be honest with you I make only $6 per month from YouTube for my 30 Videos. But if I had 3000 videos, I would be making $600 per month from YouTube.

People who join this mad rush are sceptical about creating videos. But creating Video is not a tough task. You can make a presentation in Power Point and can convert it into video through EM Power Point to Video convertor. You can also record a video through your Smartphone and upload it on YouTube.

If you earn significantly through YouTube, you can purchase a camcorder and learn video editing skills to make great videos. You can use these skills to create great Udemy courses too.

But there are some restrictions from Google to prevent the misuse of YouTube. People often put their affiliate links in description tag of their videos. To prevent suspension of your account, you should never promote your clickbank links through YouTube. (Google may clamp hard on you).

(When I analyzed the number of clicks which I received through video description then I found out that there were barely 7-8 clicks in a month. So never leave a link in the description tag of your video. The best option would be to leave a link in final segment of your video and that should not be clickable.)

YouTube Video Ideas

The people who are millionaire on YouTube are pranksters and everybody cannot be a prankster. The good ideas to make videos are:

1. Management Related Subjects

2. Religion

3. Philosophy

4. Self Help

I find many people making money through taboo topics and negative traits. I do not like it at all.

Google's Rule and Regulations For YouTube Videos

There are certain basic rules you should follow while making YouTube videos.

1. The content should be original and not copied from else where.

2. There should not be affiliate links

3. There should not be sex or porn.

As a beginner you follow these three rules. You will learn rest in due course of time.

Top 10 Richest YouTubers

YouTube Millionaire Jenna Marbles

Which Type of Videos do you like on YouTube

Which Type of Video is Your Favorite Video?

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Associating AdSense Account with YouTube

Associating AdSense account with the YouTube account is essential to get paid for your YouTube Video. If you do not associate the AdSense account then all your earnings would be zero. Given below is the video for association.

Associating AdSense with YouTube

How to Get Views to your YouTube Video through Social Media

Social Media is pretty simple and you can drive lot of free traffic to your video. Facebook has restriction that you can have 5000 friends, but Twitter has no restriction on number of followers and LinkedIn has no restriction on number of connections.

The see through rate on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is dismal 0.19 %. To make it a round figure let us make it 0.2%. This means that if you have 1000 Facebook friends and you make a post then only 2 people will see it. This rule is applicable also to LinkedIn and Twitter. But the good thing by grace of Lord Shiva is that every time two different people will see it.

Now let us consider a scenario where your Facebook group has 100K members, you have 100K Twitter followers and 100K LinkedIn connections. To sum up you are going to make a post to 300K connections. You make a post and zip, there are 600 hits to your video. Every time 600 different people will see your website.

I am giving you tips on how to swell your Facebook group. First create a group in Facebook and add all your friends to the group you have created. Then ask those friends to add their friends to that group.

Now how to increase your Twitter followers? Initially make 100 followers through and then start commenting on tweets of celebrities. Many people will start following you. Do not buy followers because they add fake bots as your followers. No one will respond to your tweets. (And you want hits to your site right.) If you add 100 followers daily from then in one year you have 36500 followers and in 2 years time you can reach 100K mark.

Now how to increase the LinkedIn connections. First you join 50 groups of your interest and start sharing interesting article or video in these groups. People will start sending you connection requests and you accept all the connections.

If you are really smart then you can reach 100K mark in all three sites in just six months.

Just keep on sharing your videos with your connections and your views will keep on increasing.

Get Paid Through Google


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      Anurag Kartik 2 years ago from Delhi

      If you need help then contact me at kalkieintegrated (at) gmail

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      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I have a youtube account with videos but not earning anything yet