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The best Google Adsense alternatives

Updated on October 9, 2011

There is life beyond Adsense

Google Adsense is the most famous player in town but there are other players too some of them even better!

Start with similar competition like Adbrite and Bidvertiser. The ads are very similar, they have the same size and text type. Bidvertiser just mirrors whatever Adsense does. This is a great network to have on your side. Google Adsense is the best for general blogs where you do not focus on a niche. Think of Adsense like the best option for news and article directories. For money making niches you should consider Adbrite and Bidvertiser because they have the most expensive clicks. I had one click that paid me 100$ on Adbrite! Too bad no one clicked it while it lasted!

It is easier to become a premium publisher on Bidvertiser than it is to become on Google Adsense. Adsense requires 20 million page views while Bidvertiser wants "just" 5 million. A premium account will have a team of editors matching the best ads to your site increasing the revenue!

Tribal Fusion is another great option to combine with Bidvertiser. They have always ads for your website and they pay very well. Some banners pay 5$ per thousand which means you can have multiple banners and combine it with Bidvertiser to boost your income. I am not sure if you can use Adsense with Tribal Fusion.

In House Ads: Keep All The Money!

The last solution to get rid of Google Adsense is to start your own house of ads. You need to contact advertisers directly and negotiate how they will pay you and how much. With your own ads you will have to pay no one, meaning you will make the most, but unless your website is really that big, no one will want to advertise on your site. You also need the technology to process the ads and the payment... too much work when you have a company like Bidvertiser with a hand of advertisers hungry for your space!

Instead of spending the time to work on the ads and the sales you could be using that time to work on the content and attract a wider audience. Think of in house ads like the perfect solution only when you have a huge site and you can spend more time thinking about how to contact advertisers and giving them what advertising networks cannot.

Adbrite and Bidvertiser both have an option to give the advertiser the option to advertise only on your website and nowhere else. Adbrite even has a marketplace where your website will be fit into and from there the advertiser will pick sites individually!


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