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The best investment oppportunities in the 21st Century

Updated on September 13, 2015


Successful investment
Successful investment | Source

Getting returns from an investment does not happen automatically

We are always satisfied whenever we see the good things that we own multiply.Money and properties are just a few of the things we always strive to keep on adding.It is a sign of prosperity which brings ego and satisfaction.We all have strong desires to become rich. There is no single human who can claim that he possess nothing.Even your brains is your personal resource which you can apply to make whatever you want.

It is not one of the simple decision that you always make.Placing a certain amount of your dollars somewhere in order to get more thereafter. It requires creativity, brainstorming and decisiveness. Risking is always a part of investment. Prediction of how the market forces of demands will be in future.

A photo of a private school


Schools/ Kindergartens (Education)

Education is becoming expensive. Its demand keeps on rising. In countries where the population is rising like in developing countries, the demand will keep on rising.Due to the demands of the modern life, parents are busier and have lesser time to be with their children. This makes kindergartens hot cakes in the current business market.Provided that you properly select a good site and offer some good services, expect some good returns.

Real estate

Housing demand keeps on rising especially in developing countries. The expansion of infrastructures in opening new areas which were ones classifies as remote areas. Rural to urban migration has also been rampant. This migrating population require houses. In developed countries, people are looking for more luxurious houses which suit their needs. Investments on building materials such as cement manufacturing or selling are also giving good returns due to infrastructural expansion.

A 5 Star Hotel


Hotel industry

Due to the busy career schedules, hotels are becoming more popular than home kitchens. They offer ready meals as per the customers’ needs. Business conferences in hotels are also becoming more popular as a way of motivating workers. Some hotels also do offer modern luxury facilities which attract guest.With the rise in modern class population especially in developing countries,tourism is also a booming sector.Tourists do require good accommodation facilities making the hotel industry one of the best investment area.

Entertainment Industry


Entertainment Industry

The rise in the world’s middle income population, new emerging economies have opened new opportunities in this sector which were previously limited to the rich. Investing in modern luxury equipment like developing good computer games for sale, selling digital products like smart phones, computers and cameras is a good investment area.

A food processing industry


Food processing industry

We are all eager to taste or try new food products. The initial decision helps us in making decisions whether we will buy these products in future. We always say that whatever is good market itself whenever it is on the market shelves. That is why we have strong brand names.

A Stock Exchange Market


Stock market

Strong brands are opening new shops/ branches in the emerging economies like Africa.The investment returns in these countries are excellent depending on the policies in place. They require capital for these expansion programs.They are selling shares to fund these expansion programs. It is a gamble that sometimes has greaty returns. It is always advisable that you go through the expansion plan of the company before buying shares.You can also consult an expert in this industry.

A private clinic


Health care Industry

The trust in Government Health facilities for medical care has been lowering as the affordability of private medical care rises.This is due due to the availability of affordable and convenient medical funding schemes like Insurance. Clinics are getting more customers who no longer worry about the overall costs. In this era of non communicable diseases, people are getting more concerned about their lifestyles especially in the area of nutrition. They are seeking the services of qualified nutritionists or physicians thus making the health care industry a good one


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