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The best way in getting to the decision maker on a cold call or sale

Updated on October 31, 2014

"Take out your check book and write the check!"

The easiest person to sell to is the owner of the company. Getting to the decision maker, or owner of the company takes skill, patience, persistence, motivation, high energy and creativity.

If you were to make a cold call to a company, and tell the secretary "hi I'd like to speak with the boss or the owner please", it will never get you to the owner without a huge hassle and a ton of questions being thrown at you. You might even get hung up on, and or worse.

Want to know the best way to get to the owner?

When you make a cold call, or even walk into a building to try to sell, don't even ask to speak to anybody. The key is to ask questions that bring information to you. This could include names, phone numbers, people who are decision makers of a company, managers, and more. Gathering this information will equip you with knowledge that will eventually get you to find the owner and interact with him or her. But there is a special kind of way you have to gather this information.

For example: Say you are making a cold call to a company. Let's say you are selling website design services to a company. You could say over the phone to a secretary "hi, I need your help with something. My name is John and I have some important information about web design services that I am offering. Who should I leave that information with?"

If the secretary gives you a name, you must ask questions that confirm the names of people she gives you. If she says "oh that would be Joe, hes the director of blahh blahh blahh", you should say "Oh is he the type of person who handles this thing?" Or "is there anybody else in a company that would decide for or against having a new website?"

Find out the names and roles of all the decision makers in a sale

You want to gather names in a way that doesn't sound like you are too pushy or aggressive to speak to the owner. Secretaries will never put you on the phone with the owner directly, but the secretary would gladly give you names, email addresses, and even the best times to call back. Make sure you write all this information down, and stay persistent until you get to the owner. Don't ever just leave information with a secretary in hopes that she will pass it on to the right person. If you are kind enough and professional over the phone, sometimes the secretary will pass the information on to the owner, and you might just happen to be offering something that the owner or the company needs and make the sale. This is when you get lucky, but it doesn't always happen.

Don't trust anyone but the decision maker

If the secretary says "ohh we are not interested", you could say "Well, are you qualified to make such a statement?" then find out who the real decision maker is. Sometimes the secretary might just say "oh just leave the information with me". If this happens, you want to say "are you the type of person who handles what I am offering?" Usually this will make him or her back off. Make sure to be extremely kind and professional no matter what they say, how they act, or what they do to you. Your reputation is on the line, and every phone call you make reflects how you and your company looks.

Stay persistent until you get in contact with the guy you've been trying to talk to, the owner!

A very important rule when cold calling, is to never give up until you find out the exact names and roles of the company owners and decision-makers. this will pay off in your cold calling efforts.

Ignore "No salesman" or "no soliciting" signs and walk in with good intentions... people can feel your intentions

Here is another important rule. If you see a sign that says "no salesman allowed", "no soliciting", just walked past it and ignore it. Act like you never even saw it. The chances of somebody getting in trouble for not seeing a sign, are slim to none. I have never got into trouble for ignoring these ridiculous signs, & I don't know anybody else who has ever gotten in trouble either. There are people who have been cold calling and doing door to door sales since the 1960s, and have never gotten into any trouble for ignoring a no soliciting sign. Walk past it, and approach a business with the intentions that you are going to help them and not hurt them. They can feel this if you walk in with those intentions.

No soliciting sign is meant for those types of sales people who sell garbage like perfume, potato chips, ashtrays, paper clips, and probably stolen goods out of their backpacks. Usually a professional salesman who is offering a real solution for a company doesn't get kicked out for ignoring a no soliciting sign.

The golden steps for getting to the main decision maker who will write you a check...

Here are the important steps it takes to getting to the decision maker to make the sale.
tall or approach to business.

1. Make sure you have all of your information ready. There is nothing that will make you look worse than being unprepared and uneducated.

2. Make sure you ask for help. People love to help others, it makes them feel important and good about their self. Ask for information such as names, emails etc. Remember, the secretary would rather give you names and info etc, rather than put you on the phone with the owner directly. This would make sales too easy!

3. Gather the names of the decision makers. Once you have names, emails, info etc, then you can use it like ammo. Call, follow up, push for meetings and deliver your presentation.

4. Find out what role the decision makers play in the company.

5. Write him or her a personalized message or offer them some type of free demonstration for what you're selling.

6. Persistently call and follow up with them until you get a meeting to make the sale. Once you are ready for the meeting, get ALL the decision makers in place so that way you can handle everyone's questions.

7. Make the owner take out his check book, make him press hard to make 2 copies of a check!

8. Cash the check

9. Now that you're motivated, it's a good time to make another sale!

Remember, after you close the sale, make sure you stick with your clients and customers until the end this way you can build your reputation and grow yourself in their business. Thanks for reading.


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