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The best way to start a cleaning business in Louisiana

Updated on April 24, 2017

State requirements to start a cleaning business in Louisiana

1. Choose a business structure that is in line with your cleaning company’s goals and objectives. There are several choices to choose from such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company and limited liability partnership. Different business structures have their own advantages and disadvantages. After yo chose one, you can proceed for registration at the Louisiana Secretary of State.

2. Apply for tax registration. The federal, state and local governments require different taxes specific to the type of business you are engaged in. The federal government requires all business owners to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN), otherwise known as a Federal Tax Identification Number. The state government on the other hand, requires you to acquire state tax identification numbers.

3. Comply with additional permits and licenses. Aside from the business permit, each state may require additional permits and licenses. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) contains a list of federal licenses and permits that may be required for your cleaning business.

Advantages of Starting a Cleaning Business

There are so many good businesses that you can start these days, and one of them is a cleaning business. It’s one of the easiest start-ups, it’s cost effective and undeniably profitable. Aside from this, it requires very minimal resources as you only need a few people and some cleaning equipment to start with.

One of the great benefits when starting a cleaning business is the rapid rate by which you can gain income. Unlike other businesses, the cleaning industry is very in demand these days. People are always busy, they simply do not have the time to do simple chores such as cleaning thus the need for cleaning services. With this in mind, if you want something that will rake in clients and money in just a short span of time, starting a cleaning business is a good idea.

Another benefit with cleaning businesses is that you can generate daily income while choosing the hours you want to work. It offers you some flexibility in terms of work hours, therefore, you get to enjoy other things in life. The act of cleaning, although at times stressful, is not mentally or emotionally draining nor is it technical in nature. You get to enjoy what you do and earn the hard earned money.

Business counselling services in Louisiana

Starting a cleaning business in Louisiana. Not many states offer business counselling services, however, the state of Louisiana does. If you’re planning to start a cleaning business in Louisiana, you can visit the Louisiana Small Business Development Centers (LSBDC). They will assist you throughout the process of business planning. The goal of this program is to provide guidance and mentor new and existing business owners on the procedures to start a cleaning business.

You can contact LSBDC, through e-mail or by phone and schedule a one on one interview with experienced business counsellors who are always available to help. They can also arrange informative seminars and workshops specific to the business you’re starting. Aside from the LSBDC, Louisiana also has the so called SCORE. The latter is a program created by the state of Louisiana to support business owners in the initial and pre-venture phase of starting a cleaning business. The primary goal is to facilitate the success of the specific business being started. Like the LSBDC, SCORE can also be accessed online. There are also a number of resources available in its webpage that you can use such online training materials and seminars.


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