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The difference between Leaders and followers is Initiative

Updated on January 22, 2014

There is a clear reason why many people want to make their business ideas come true. Those who make their own businesses online, want other to take from their leadership that they too can make money as it comes. Others, just choose to follow and make money from content mills or other people and slowly make their own money work for them. The big difference between leaders and followers is that leaders have learned from following others how to take the next big step in their lives and lead others to success as they have done.

Followers, choose to follow others and make their choices according to how their leaders also make their fortune. Every starts as a follower, and soon as time passes, there are those that take their time to make their own moves, or make the initiative to work on their own and show others how they can be successful on their own.

There is no reason why we all can't be leaders, because everyone has something new and different to teach in general. There is a reason why we are all different and why there are multiple ways that a person with the passion to write can make money online. The main difference between those that make the bare minimum online and those that make thousands, is that these individuals choose other means to lead them to make their own money.

I've spoken to other writers who have had many forms of success in their writing business, and asked them how they came to their fortune. Many of them have told me that they took the initiative and started promoting and marketing their names along with their company or blogs online, and started to write about the things that they like.

Leaders are made from followers, because they are the people that will step out from working with others and lead their own followers when they work for themselves. There is no reason why we all can't be leaders, and why we all can't teach others what we have learned along the way. Most of us, have already learned something new when it comes to writing and working, which is why so many people have already experience success.


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    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 5 years ago from India / Australia

      Very True. Once I wrote hub ' Do What Others fail to do' and that's only Initiative which makes you different. There are many paths, but the only one that leads to the top of the mountain, is the one you make yourself. Voted up