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The failure of schools to teach Jack Ma

Updated on May 18, 2016

Alibaba boss is one of the people behind Hupan University in Hangzhou (China), specializing in entrepreneurship training. This school founded last year, only students who have at least 3 years experience in the business, the company size of 30 people. Tuition here is 280,000 yuan ($ 44,800) for 3 years of study.

Earlier this week, Jack Ma has attended the opening ceremony of Hupan and explain their programs different from traditional MBA courses how.

"There are some differences in details between the school and a regular MBA program. We do not teach people how to be successful, but others have told you how failure. All scenarios are based on the failure. This is a unique aspect of our teaching.

I have joked that there is a big difference between film and movie Western China. Both sides of the hero idol. But in Western movies, heroes are alive at the end. As for our movies, heroes are gone.

You become a hero in death. Then who also wants to be the hero again.

In this case, we want to express their views, to question and propose methods how to be so. For example, teach you how to survive. Therefore, we want everyone studying how others fail, how they have made an error and resolve it by what mistake.

In the business here, we have no luck? Neck. We have the opportunity? Consolidate. In theory, everyone get lucky and equal opportunities. But when in trouble, they will have different resolution. We need to imagine and think independently. We hope all of the business will have a future Hupan and Chinese people believe in themselves.

Entrepreneurs need to have faith. Because only it inspires you to do new this or that other. Only faith helps you focus strictly new strategy. If not, you will be distracted and fail. I hope everyone remembers that. "


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