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The five best signs that tell you to search for another job.... and some creative ways to quit!

Updated on August 30, 2011

Signs to quit your job...

1. You are unable to pay your bills:

The most obvious sign to switch jobs is the fact that the money you are making at your current job isn't enough to pay all your bills. Maybe even if you are just managing to pay them and don't have a lot left to buy things you like. If you aren't able to live comfortably of the salary you currently have you will probably experience a lot of stress just from trying to keep your head above water. This stressfull kind of live will not be good for your health and it will be better if you start looking around for jobs that will pay better. But keep in mind that a job that pays better but you hate even more will not make you a lot happier.

2. You can't get along with your boss: Not getting along with your boss or a boss who is always blaming you for everything for some reason is a sign that your current job is not going to work out. Of course it would be better to work out your troubled relationship with your boss or having yourself transferred to another place in the same company rather then getting a new job, but if that is not going to happen switching jobs is the only way out. If you like your work but your boss is making your worktime miserable it will create stress and that is the last thing you need.

3. Your company is reorganizing and contracting new employees: When your company or division is reorganizing and wants to "turn things around" and do it differently then before because they weren't making enough profit or whatever, this could be a sign that they are going to do all the new things with new employees and you bettter start jobsearching right away. If you beat your coworkers that will get fired as well to the available jobs which you are qualified for the competition will be much less and your chances on a new better job will be much bigger. So when you find out that your division has job interviews or a new management team, be realistic about your chances of staying. If you get the feeling you could be the next to go, don't be too late and start searching. Beeing unemployed for some time will not make you happy.

4. You never want to go to work: Getting up every morning resenting to go to work will make you miserable. Everbody has his/her bad days on which going to work feels like torture, but these should be happening too often. If your company is just going through some weeks of stress due to temporary reasons there is nothing to worry about. But if you feel like this every morning it is obviously a sign of quitting. Try to get a job that interests you, something that challenges you and brings up the best in you. Maybe it is even time to get back in some sort of education to make sure you are quilified for a new job that you find exciting. Hating your work will make you unhappy at work, and most probably you will still be unhappy when you are not working due to the prospect of having going to work when the holiday/weekend is over. When your job makes you miserable, switch jobs!!

5. You spend more time surfing the web than doing your job, you are really bored. Doing work that isn't challenging enough can be really boring. Or work where there isn't really much to do and you are just sitting out the time. Some people do not really mind this and are happy to get paid for doing nothing. But if you find yourself clicking around hubpages too much, which of course is a great thing ;), or playing online games all day until it is finally five o'clock it might be time to search for a more challenging job. Being pushed to the limits of your ability will make you work harder and better. People who work hard and good stand out and will recieve that promotion. So while sitting behind your desk playing online games can be quite relaxing when you get paid to do it, it will not get you at those well paid jobs that you might want.

Creative and fun ways to quit:

1. Start removing objects one by one from your office and desk until almost nothing remains, that should ring a bell for your bosses.

2. Go to the executive bathroom and take out all the toilet paper, have one roll with you which has your resignation written all over it and place it in the dispenser. Your bosses will have some nice light reading while when they are doing a number 2.

3. When you work at an office and you have some programmer skills or when you are a programmer there are tons of creative ways to quit. Take for example this programmer who made his boss this error message

4. Do some kind of unexpected performance, this will be best in a meeting or during lunchbreak in the cafeteria. This takes some guts to do but everyone will remember you.

5. Send an email to everyone at the company/division in which you humiliate your boss in a funny way, this can be done by a funny text or by using photo's like this girl did. (see all of her photo's)


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