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The Guide to Handling Your New Restaurant With This One Strategy

Updated on May 16, 2019

A constant strategy for an ever changing customer?

When you're new in business, be it a small cafe, a small eatery or any small business as such, a huge problem faced by many entrepreneurs is customer retention. While all their attention is towards more customer acquisition, customer retention strategies remain behind, slowly turning into a huge barrier.

With the small business industry being so utterly dependent on its customers, on their in-the-moment decisions, building a loyal and proper consumer base has turned out to be a challenge. While the fact of brand authenticity and creativity still works, implementing a marketing strategy that changes so very often as the consumer base change their ideas on their lattes wont work. Hence, a strategy that is here to stay, here to work through all the modifications is necessary. And that's where QR codes come through.


One thing small businesses can do, besides leveraging the idea of their brand authenticity in various areas, is to implement different business strategies and see the ones that work out the best for them!

Strategy to scan: QR codes

QR codes might have made their mark with payment apps, e commerce industry and so on, but the best way for companies to use this strategy will be to use a 'dynamic QR code'

Dynamic QR code is a tool of benefits. With just one QR code, one can keep updating the information whenever suited necessary, and the scan would lead to that information. Need to change the menu of the day, with the same QR code? Dynamic makes it easy.

Marketers have had the issue of changing QR code whenever the content behind it changes. But, with dynamic QR codes, that is not the case at all. With dynamic QR codes, one can schedule multiple campaigns to the same QR code.


With QR codes, one can also check how many customers scan in, at what time and other analytics. This is one of the several added advantages that comes with QR codes and their usage!

How to: use this strategy to boost restaurant sales

Keep changing the content behind the QR code based on the time. If its lunchtime, make sure you update the content to a discount on lunch. That way it increases relevancy and need of scanning by the customers.

A similar strategy, applied in a different way, that boosts engagement is never a bad idea. Turn those lazy mondays into magical mondays with discounts and offers and watch the customer inflow increase!

Be it hot summers or warm autumn or chilly winters, make sure you have small flyers with QR codes that on scanning, lead to a drink or a food item worthy of purchasing according to the weather. If its a chilly winter and your QR code reminds people of hot chocolate, there's no reason they won't be lining up at the counter for the same.

There are certain days where there is more inflow of customers and there are days of the opposite kind. To ensure a steady inflow, one can put in QR codes on flyers to avail special discounts and limited edition flash deals.

To maintain a loyal customer base one would have to keep updating information according to the customers needs. In other cases, one could also allow customers to know the newest information about arrivals and deals to maintain a personalized touch to advertising.

Modifying is never a bad idea when it comes to consumer needs. Keep modifying your offers and products based on what is trending and which products customers have responded to the most. Inclining your strategies towards customers can provide valuable insights.

One idea- several uses!

Marketing strategies are always around, but sometimes what differentiates them from the rest is the inclusion of brand creativity and authenticity. Just because something is good enough doesn't mean that it cannot be improvised upon.

The several uses of QR codes

Besides the main ideas, some can be improvised on, with a touch of creativity

1. QR codes on the menu cards, so as to obtain nutritional information and ingredient check on scanning

2. A video describing the restaurant and a virtual tour of the history behind it

3. Utilize the idea of comfort food on wheels- make mobile ordering possible

4. Let users connect to wifi using QR codes

Success, in a wrap

The fact that certain big retail companies get to utilize the strategy beforehand and overshadow the smaller companies seems unfair, however, smaller companies can also get back in the race, with their advantage of being able to creatively handle certain uses of the strategy. In the era of digital marketing, the ones that cross the meager line between non risk takers and strategy employers, the latter definitely has more chances of being top on the list.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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