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The importance of Business Cards to promote your business

Updated on July 15, 2012

How to use your business card to promote your business

A good business card can be one of the most effective tools in your business if used in the right way, its an excellent way to pass on contact details and project an image of the company. A good design is essential as it will leave an impression with your customer. Its small easy to carry and a person may not call you straight away but they may call you when they need your service in the following weeks months and years.

It is an excellent networking tool where you can pass on your information quickly and to multiple sales leads. Always ensure that you have plenty of cards to hand as you can find yourself in situations where 30 to 40 people will want your details.

A business card aims to provide your name, your business name, multiple contact details (phone, address, email and fax), an impression of your style (the design of the card). The best business cards will stick out as they will have a unique design that will leave an impression on the people you hand them to. They are durable so that they can be passed from person to person (another excellent feature of networking is to get other people to pass your card on to others).

Ways to use your business cards:

  1. Keep them to hand 24/7 - Always keep some business cards with you, and in the car. You will never know when you need them, you could be talking to someone in the supermarket and find out that they require your business.
  2. Make sure you always have plenty of cards as backup, in some situations you will need 30-40 cards its important you have enough to keep all sales leads. create plastic business cards quickly and to your specifications.
  3. Look for situations to exchange cards

You can meet potential customers, or potential agents by requesting meetings so that you can pass on your card, seek out social events that potential customers would go to. Subscribe to your industries magazines to find out when they will have conventions and trade shows, these will need plenty of business cards as you can exchange cards with the vendors. Ask suppliers related to your business if you can leave business cards with them to hand out for example if you are a cement supplier you could leave your card with builders merchants whose customers may need cement but they are unable to supply it. You could also invest in cardholders to give to these contacts. Go to conferences related to your industry, you do need to build up a contact base so that you know all the players in your industry.

4. Correspondence

When you correspond with anyone remember to leave a card, if its in a letter or in person. If its a potential referrer always leave multiple business cards. If its a phone call, take a card to them or put it in a letter.

Remember that when you don't see immediate results that it will pay off long term, people hold on to business cards and will use them when they need them, which may not be straight away. Keep working on your contact list and this strategy will pay off long term

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