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The letter that earned me a Promotion

Updated on November 9, 2009

So I work at a vocational program for intellectually disabled adults. I started off as a supervisor, where i would just basically oversee the work there doing at there job making sure there are no mistakes and that everything is done correctly. I really enjoyed doing this, but i wanted to become a counselor. Here i would work one on one with about 40 people being on my caseload. The deputy director gave me a chance to explain why i would be a good candidate for this job. So i wrote this letter which got me promoted. I wanted to share this with every one so just in case you were looking to get promoted you could use some of my ideas to get a head start.

“What will I uniquely bring to the counseling position at ROI”? Presented with this question, I thought about the qualities I possess that would be beneficial to being a counselor .And in what way these qualities would meet the needs of each participant.

          As a counselor at ROI I would be able to offer experience. I have gained experience from being a floor supervisor. So I’ve dealt with the participant’s one on one. I’m able to deal with a lot of the issues whether good or bad that occur, on a day to day basis. I’m good at observing changes within each participant, and notices when a participant has met their goals, and needs to conquer something new. I understand that each participant is different and needs to be helped in different ways. I’m enthusiastic and willing to gain more on the job experience.

          Commitment is one quality that I could offer to the counseling position. I would be committed to the participants, coworkers, my position, and the progression of ROI. I am a very strong willed individual and I’m confident that I would be a strong asset to the counseling position.  I’m energetic about the mission of ROI, to help each and every participant achieve their fullest potential, for independence confidence and self sufficiency.  I believe that every participant should live the best life they possibly can, and I would like to be of assistance to them.

           I am very responsible. I fulfill every obligation to the best of my abilities. I’m always up for new and difficult challenges. I complete job task in a timely manner, and always produce quality work. I m dedicated to thinking outside the box, and being able to bring creative ideas to every aspect of my job. 

          Communication is by far my best quality. I am able to express myself through all forms of communication.. I’m a good listener and I also give good feedback. I’m able to express my thoughts effectively; therefore my point comes across clear. I can withhold professional conversations with no problem and can understand point of views other than my own. I am a team player who works well with other, as well as by myself.

         I would love to be apart of the ROI counseling team. I'm interested in leaning something new, and working with the participants in a new way. I enjoy the work i do now and feel as though this is the next step. So when asked "What will i uniquely bring to Roi "i would have to say success.    


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      your an Angel. than kyou!

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      8 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      Nice letter, it's good that you got a promotion from it. Not everyone has the self-awareness to explain their approach to their work and the way they view it in such an articulate manner. Thanks for sharing with us.


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