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The little shop in Placerville

Updated on September 26, 2011

The little shop in Placerville

There is a little shop in Placerville, California owned by a middle-aged woman; she’s the sole proprietor of All Sewn Up. Her alteration shop was once her garage but you wouldn’t know it by the inside. Fashions and fabric adorn the walls; customer’s garments hang silently on a suspended rod waiting for their turn in line for her touch of expertise.

When entering the man door for the garage, your eyes need to adjust to the dim hallway light but once it has, the delightful face of your hostess will greet you. She has bright blue eyes, a soft round face and a delightful smile, her voice puts any new patron at ease. She’ll escort you to the right into her quaint dressing room. The small room is a soft turquoise color with black wire shelves against one wall; a small window air conditioner blows cool air in during the hot summer months. She sits in the overstuff chair while you tell her your concerns or problems with an outfit and she’s listening intensely to your ideas and plans for the new project you want her to sew for you. Even though her hands show the wear and tear of her profession, you can rest a sure her touch is as gentle as her smile. The main room has a beautiful red oriental rug, a large cutting table on one wall, and quite a variety of sewing and quilting machine on the other. Welcome to All Sewn Up.


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