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What's your pick? The lure of lucre or a dream career?

Updated on June 20, 2012

Well, the question of selecting the right job comes with deep insight into oneself. What is it that attracts one while selecting the job profile? Every nook and corner of your heart will echo the one and only truth i.e. MONEY. Of course lucrative benefits and monetary gains is the objective of every youngster today. But as I said, one needs to have a sympathetic insight into the inner self. By inner self what I meant is reach to up to the deepest point of your heart. We all have some fine goals if we are true to ourselves. Everybody has a dream profession. Some engineers dream of being a part of a music band. Some film and entertainment fellows love to have fun with technology. Some doctors have a desire of free social service while some jobless folks dream of becoming the handsomest of entrepreneurs. Ask the coffee-seller at the road-side…he’ll love to open up a grand hotel besides his favorite movie star’s bungalow.

Do these dreams really matter? Is there even a minute probability that we will be able to reach up to these dream job profiles? Or are these just vague diversions of mind to get away with the repetitive routine and struggle of our ongoing profession? These are the questions that one needs to really focus on. As soon as you become aspirant about a particular passion and want to pursue it soulfully there are multiple factors around waiting to hound you and let you down with low morale. Why? The conditions in our country are not so favorable to chase your own dreams. You will be left monetarily broken and deprived of opportunities due to lack of good bucks. So what do people do? They dream of earning money so that one fine day they will channelize their energy towards achieving their dream job role!

So the ground reality is these two things are viciously circled. At least, to those who are really passionate about pursuing their dream job profiles and have a serious aim to fulfill them. Selecting a right job is not all that what matters. What really counts is how you go towards achieving what you want to achieve. Whether it’s monetary inclination or the passionate job role, all you need to know is where your future lies. Whether it lies into the lure of dirty money making or genuine monetary savings to pursue your dreams, your future will definitely improvise if you maintain your honesty towards your passion.

Let us consider just the lure of lucre part. You are damn insatiable about making money so that you have all the luxuries that you’ve been always wanting. A sports car, a lavish apartment in the center of the city, a Jacuzzi at home, many investments for your parents and siblings, awesome exotic vacations and a rightly expensive social circle. All these are totally justifiable. It’s definitely good to be ambitious. But as I mentioned before, ask your deeper part, your heart. Won’t you start craving for the same passions which you let go in the past out of lucre? Same feelings will start pestering you. It won’t be easy to let go on them then. Neither will it be uncomplicated to attain them because it’ll be pretty late. You chose just to make money by hook or by crook and will have landed yourself into a deep regret and discontent later. Making money by bad means never needed any caliber. It just needs trickery and sharp tactics to accept the sordidness of it. You can earn money effortlessly in India by means of corruption and exploitation. But choosing the unfair means to earn money over your dream job profile requires some serious guts. Provided you are shameless enough to turn a deaf ear to your howling heart over your dream passion.

All I can say is earning money by good means to target your wishful job profile should be the ultimate aim of every capable youngster of today. No work is small if it is done with the righteous means and for the benefit of your goal fulfillment. It is better to earn yourself good academic achievements to open up huge choices to earn big bucks. Any country is a land of opportunities. One should be smart enough to learn the appropriate way of making use of those prospects. At the end, peace of mind and professional success matters. If done by good means it will be an asset. It will be loyal and nobody can snatch it from you. It will be the best investment that you could ever have. It will bring you money to fulfill your luxuries too. Selecting the right job and climbing the ladder of logical planning and success is very important. Money is definitely a catalyst for this climb but by lure of lucre it will just add turbidity to your luminous career and gleaming self-respect.


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    • ideasinked profile image

      ideasinked 5 years ago from Mumbai, India.

      That's true! Thanks Mama Kim 8! :)

    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 5 years ago

      I would only work a job I hated if I had to for my family. Otherwise I most certainly do what I enjoy ^_^ Great hub! Very thought provoking ^_^

    • ideasinked profile image

      ideasinked 5 years ago from Mumbai, India.

      Surely a good choice; because if you ain't liking your job there's no point in digging your self esteem to keep holding on to it. Ultimately what matters is your job-satisfaction and a boost to your creative skills! :)

      Sadly, the scenario is not so theoretical. We need to earn bucks to pursue and get a strong footing in our dream job profiles.

      Thanks for sharing your views Dina! It was good to have your perspective! :)

    • Dina Blaszczak profile image

      Dina Blaszczak 5 years ago from Poland

      If I had a choice to do a job I can't stand and find it boring, but to earn lots of cash, or earn money just enough for living and a bit of extra, I would choose the second option. For example I would hate to work in a bank, or do anything connected with papers. I'm more of a creative kind of person that's why I'm trying to make money with my passion doing photography and writing :)