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The mark of a true leader

Updated on April 27, 2016

Who is a good leader?

A good leader is someone who shoulders responsibility for everyone else in the team. They do not shirk off their responsibilities at the mere drop of a hat.. A distinguishing mark of a good leader is owning of responsibilities. They are held responsible for all the mistakes and failures of everyone else in the team. When things go wrong they own up to the mistakes and are the first people to be held responsible. It is better for a team to be a cohesive and united than to have rebellions and dissents. And so the need for a good leader.

So, here are some traits of a good leader.

Be a Leader!

Responsibility separates a leader from the herd

1. Lead: A good leader's job is to lead the people to a better place and time. It is the leader's job to keep the people safe and sound from enemies and harm. Leader does this job by being an example and to inspire following.

2. Give directions: When thing go utterly wrong and disruptive. A good leader steers the ship towards safety. They never miss an opportunity to find greener pastures for the people

3. Motivate and inspire: A good leader is accessible and approachable to everyone. It is their duty to find hope and meaning for the people, when only gloom prevail. Good leaders constantly urges their people to do better and are always engaged in a dialogue with them.

4. Problem solver: Good leaders does not leave it up to their people to find solutions. They energize their people to find a better solution for their problems and provide them with the best one possible, when problem confront them. They do not leave a problem unattended to, for long time, so it does not festers and deteriorates.

5. Negotiator: A good leader is in constant dialogue with the different groups or entities that lie outside of their own sphere of influence. They possess skills to get their people out of difficult and sticky situations. They always keep the people highest on their priority list

6. Hindsight and insight: A good leader can look far into the future. Good leaders plan ahead and makes preparations for battle, just as an army general would. They have the uncanny ability to see beyond the superficial. They gain the trust of their own people and of those they are in a dialogue with.

7. Builder of people: A good leader does not neglect their own folk. They nurture them and educate them on the many affairs of the state and society. They see to it that their folks are happy and satisfied with the current state-of-affairs.

8. Bold: A good leader is always making bold decisions in the face of adversities. They never steps back in cowardly manner. They create, initiate and introduce new discussions into the fora of discussions to keep their people abreast of new development. They never hesitate to show valor and bravery in action in front of their own folk.

9. Innovator: A good leader is always open to new ideas and readily accepts a new one. To keep their folk from dismay, by adopting new innovative ideas and new perspectives.

10. Just and benevolent: A good leader is always just. They never behave with prejudice nor take sides. A good leader is always available to the people in times of need with their wisdom and acts of kindness.

Lets sum up a good leader

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader".

- JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, attributed, The Paradox of Power

Qualities of a good leader are:

1. Patience
2. Trustworthy
3. Humble
4. Erudite
5. Punctual and well organized
6. Orator
7. Fair and judicious
8. Friendly and courteous
9. Persuasive
10. Equal measure of pragmatism and idealism


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