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The perfect way to start a online business and earn money

Updated on July 9, 2015

Where to start?

Like many other people who want to earn money online i also tried every thing that was out there including pay per click ,pay to read,pay per signup ,and pay per crap:P now i think what a fool i was to even signup for these programs ..i mean for GOD sake they pay less than a cent and mostly you don't even reach their minimum payout limit..but then i heard about programs that pay per sale which means they pay you commission on every sale that is made through your referral link ...''hmm sounds interesting!'' that was first thing that came to my i made an account on click bank but after a week when i finally sold a product i was shocked to know that i am no longer able to login :(:P so i decided to look for a new and trusted program thats when i found amazon now amazon pay you upto 15% commision on products that are sold through you ...infact to be honest it is 4% commision untill you sell 7 items and then it keeps on increasing..any way it is the best and trusted program on internet..atleast you know that you will be paid for your work...the more you work the more you earn..

now imagine if you can sale products worth 1000$ every day i am sure you can a minimum of 50$ a day and that makes minimum of 1500$ a month thats a lot of money...

NOW how to sell so many products a day here is the secret


yes !! with facebook you can promote your product...

if you run ads on facebook ads which will cost you 0.1$ per click(aprox)

now consider if you set a daily budget of 2$ per product or item

you buy 20 clicks now out of these 20 clicks if a minimum of 5 people buy you product or even get a commission more than your investment thats 2$ so you can calculate the profit...and you can imagine how much products you can sell each day

second method to sell your products online is blogging or website

simply write reviews about the products you want to promote and give a link to that product each sale through you link will earn you money...this method is free and tiring but once you start getting traffic to your blog or site then you can make big money.find out more on how to get-more-traffic-to-blog-page-hub-website

here is a example of website & blog to help you understand

please visit these sites..

Watch Online Movies

Thankyou for reading i hope you like the information

PS: don't waste your time on ppc sites:P

What is the best way to earn money online?

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