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The Salesman Who Doesn't Sell!

Updated on October 19, 2019
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Marketing enthusiast, loves finding about different strategies of marketing in digital world, and tips on how to grow your startup.

Brian Greenberg is an SEO marketing professional and author with decades of SEO experience under his belt. He specializes in developing passive-income businesses and offers an analytical approach to the world of marketing in general. By adopting a data-driven and strategic plan, he aims to deliver results that satisfy clients, without overburdening oneself by investing more time than necessary. The author is Founder and CEO of True Blue Life Insurance Inc. and is the subject of over 10,000 reviews. His financial and marketing techniques have netted him over $50 million in revenue, and his businesses are highly successful.

The Sales Man Who Doesn’t Sell is a fantastic guide-book that caters different factors that need to be considered while formulating any marketing strategy. The reason why this book is quite different from the others available on bookshelves and stores is that it takes a personal approach to business, as opposed to a commercial one. In the book, the author states that the average consumer is faced with dozens of dilemmas and confusion while making purchases and that the root cause of this confusion turns out to be informational overload.

Taking parallels from real life, the author adds that the current marketing industry is all about being louder than the competition in hopes of being heard by your audience. This approach is not only taxing for the consumers, but also for the brands themselves, who end up spending way over their budget and waste more time than needed. This has also resulted in the entire sales ecosystem being tuned towards these outdated methods, making it a challenging endeavor for newcomers.

In the book, Brian agrees that while there are countless books out there on business and countless more, which are being released every year, the truth is that most of them are too diluted or too oversaturated with information. The author credits his success and analysis and proposes real solutions to problems frequently encountered when any marketing plan is made.

Taking the first chapter as a reference, the author talks about how the image of a brand makes a significant impact on how it is perceived by consumers and competitors. He emphasizes that the way a consumer or buyer sees your brand is imperative in making a sale, and for that reason, stresses that presentation is key to attracting business opportunities.

He continues that all businesses and brands need to have a compelling image that buyers can feel confident in trusting. This is achieved by crafting a unique personality, which has attributes that are comforting to buyers. Then, he adds in points which are prerequisites for any business to be successful, such as incorporation, creating an online image through websites, images, and personal presentation. Through the power of online content, he mentions that anyone can become an expert through blogging, guest posting, and providing links to those posts on your original website to generate a proof. These links have an added benefit of making your website appear higher on Google's search pages, improving visibility.


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