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How to get organized and become productive

Updated on May 22, 2016

Getting organised is your first step towards success

Its all in your hand at the press of a button
Its all in your hand at the press of a button | Source

Getting started is the biggest problem of all

Do you want to get more organized and squeeze out an extra ounce of productivity and efficiency, so you could enjoy all that life has to offer you?

We are all waiting for an illusive break to come into our life so that we could get organized and become ever productive. This waiting never ends. The break never comes.

Not forgetting that getting organized and becoming productive is not an easy thing to do at all. Nor, does comes to us with a silver spoon. Here is a serious problem for which we do not have an answer! We are all waiting for an opportune time to come to us so that we could get organized. We have to get started somewhere and the sooner we start, the better it will be for us.

When are we getting started? What is required of us to achieve this goal?

The most effective ways to get organized

Get started by doing these few simple things everyday and get organized on a day to day basis. Remove the clutter, the mess and the haphazard routines from your life. The only way to get started is by doing them daily.

A few easy, simple and effective ways to get organized are as given below:

Bring some order into the chaos

Keep these rules in mind

1. Remember time is money. Utilize your time wisely. You do not have to waste time unnecessarily every time you sit and procrastinate wondering about a purpose in life. Get a hold of yourself by bringing everything within your reach. Make a schedule.

2. Keep time. Stay punctual. Be there on time everyday, at every place and at every meeting. Our life will run like clock work if we have to keep our appointments and attend to our daily work routine with strict punctuality.

3. Set aside time for leisure and fun activities. We need the breaks and the relaxing time to replenish our body and mind. Make it clear to to relax your mind and sleep well.

4. Sort out your expenses. Divide them into neat categories and prioritize them. Do not let anything happen without planning. Do not wait for fortune to smile on you every time. Take all precautions to meet unforeseen shortfalls. Be ready for it when tragedy strike. Even if they happen, you would still have nothing to worry about.

5. Live within your own limitations. This need no explanations. Life is not a gamble or a bed of roses. You have to built your own dreams and own them

6. Live healthy and eat healthy. Work for a cleaner environment for the people and you.The whole world need to make a huge leap in this direction. We cannot afford to live life as we do now and fall prey to the diseases and the natural disasters.

7. Practice a lifestyle suitable for spiritual and mental growth. Divide equal amount of time for your work, hobbies, relaxation,recreation, community and social activities. Do not neglect to make new friends and develop friendships.

8. Start accommodating change in your life. Learn new crafts, new styles, develop new thinking and new approaches. Orchestrate your life towards bigger goals with strong ambitions and with hopes and expectations.

9. Adopt new technology and best practices. Sometimes, the most recent does not mean the best. Understand what matters to you most and stick to your values. Never compromise on anything that will impact badly on environment and the future of humanity.

10. Commit yourself to world peace, economic development, human rights, liberty, equality, justice and fraternity.

Live clutter free! Be a host to the new mankind!

Lets remove clutter from our individual spaces


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