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The skills needed by a Modern PA in the job market

Updated on February 19, 2014

PAs are more important that ever before

Behind every great Manager there is a great Personal Assistant. This should be a nowadays maxim. And it is because the role that the Personal Assistant plays in the modern business is highly demanding. And it is as demanding as enjoyable and rewarding.


The basis of the skills required

The position of Personal Assistant is highly regarded these days because of the wide array of skills the holder has to develop in order to be as efficient as possible. In the fast paced modern market, the managers are pushed to the limits to remain on top of things. And the assistant, does more than assist in the process of management, the assistant is almost like a second manager. The PA carries out indispensable tasks for the manager, generally those related to arrange meetings and agenda. But the responsibilities of the Personal Assistant go way beyond that. It is clear that the organisational levels of a PA must be excellent: arranging travel plans, organising meetings and making appointments are demanding tasks to accomplish.

Being an great employee

In order to exceed in the organisation of those business related activities, the Personal Assistant must be knowledgeable of the internal and external factors that need to be taken into account, these could range from special requests or conditions from the persons included in the actual activities, to the costs of the service from different providers in order to ensure the desired balance between quality and price. Heavily linked to the organisational skills and excellent knowledge of the business, an efficient Personal Assistant needs to have confident communication skills: the PA will be interacting with clients, directors and third parties via e-mail, personally or by phone and on behalf of the manager or organisation. Written and spoken abilities must then be flawless and extremely professional. At last but not least, as any other modern career, a Personal Assistant must be a proficient user of the Microsoft Office components and other software related to their position. It is essential nowadays to be able to produce reports and documents as well as to confidently work with databases and, of course, the Internet. Apart from the set of skills presented here, there are many others abilities and responsibilities that could vary depending of the job specifications, but that may involve the PA in the decision making process and deputising for the Manager, which brings opportunities for the Personal Assistant to really prove him/herself and to show their value to their organisation.

In a quick caption

In summary, the role of a Personal Assistant demands indeed strong features from the holder and includes great responsibilities in the process. And does it not sound as an exciting career as well? Does it not sound rewarding?



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