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The trend of e-business

Updated on April 21, 2015

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The major drawbacks of e-business trading

Trend of e-business

Major drawbacks of e-business trading.

1. The touch of Low personal : The marketing of e - business is not suitable for sale and for purchase of commodities articles that wanted a personal touch such as garments, other kinds of articles and etc.

2. The Late Delay delivery: In the trade of e- business order is placed click of a mouse through internet, but it takes time for the vendor to process the order and deliver the kinds of articles. This may frustrate the buyer.

3. The Requirement of hardware instruments: A proper hardware setup of laptop or computer networks is necessary for marketing of the e- business and even the seller and the buyer both compulsory know the operations of the internet.

4. Risk: In e- business trade transactions there is no direct relationship between the two parties so their scope is much chances of frauds. There are also problems of virus, brand hijacking, hacking and other ways are for misuse.

5. Low ethics: In the trade of e -business marketing, there are less ethical behaviour followed by the marketing and business. Much chances is their business secrets to go out. The e - business of important ideas and information can be leaked out or by who reading e- mail message.

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The e- business verses traditional business

e- business verses traditional business

Basis of difference --------- e-business ------------------ Traditional business

1. Formation.-/ Easy to form-/ Difficult to form

2. personal touch-/ No personal touch-/ Sole -proprietorship and partnership

3. setting up cost-/ Low-/ High

4. operating-/ Low-/ High

5. ease of expansion-/ Internet, no geographical-/ Difficult, various legal formalities

6. human resource required-/ Technically qualified and IT-/ Semi-skilled and labour

7. risk involved-/ High risk , no direct contact-/ Les as, parties

8. Distribution channel-/ No distribution channel-/ Various intermediates

9. Length of business cycle-/ Shorter, various process-/ Longer process is carried

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