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The ultimate freelancer's guide to growing a social media presence

Updated on April 7, 2015

Every freelancer needs to have on point marketing and today I expand upon exactly how it is that you can grow your social fans and make the most of all that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have to offer.

Share your expertise via social media

The key is to just share enough to be useful, but not to share so much that they don’t need your services. For me, as a writer, this may mean that I provide 5 top tips for copy that converts. These tips will help my potential market get started with overhauling their content, but stop short of going into a full rundown of steps. Every blog article would then finish with a suitable statement as to what further my services could add.

As well as being a potential sales booster and fan base grower, this also has the added bonus of you demonstrating your expertise, which is invaluable in an otherwise faceless world of online freelancers.

Making freelancer friends and influencing people

As well as potential client connections you should also aim to build a network of fellow freelancers. You can then mutually share and like one another’s posts, as well as possibly collaborating on projects that may showcase your respective skills.
As well as potential client connections you should also aim to build a network of fellow freelancers. You can then mutually share and like one another’s posts, as well as possibly collaborating on projects that may showcase your respective skills.

Knowing your social media platforms

The following platforms are just four of the many platforms that you may consider using, and whilst they prove both popular and useful for promoting a range freelance service types you may want to undertake a little research as to where your target audience may be engaging and spending their time (a perfect example of this is where your freelance services may be decidedly visual, such as graphic design, for which Pinterest would be perfect).


Facebook is unequivocally the largest platform out there and you can use it either in conjunction with your personal account, or create a separate business page to keep things separate. This latter option has the added benefit of offering some handy additional features (such as page tabs, insights, the manager app and scheduled posts).


Twitter is the place to be for building a personal brand and can serve as the perfect place for communicating more personal ideas, interests and hobbies, as well as links back to your business related blog.


Google+ can make for somewhat of an overlooked platform, however it serves as the essential decider as to what ultimately shows up in Google result searches, so I’d say it’s vital for both building an audience, as well as driving organic traffic to your site.


LinkedIn is pretty much the essential platform for any professional. Think of it as your online resume that’s available to the world. You can also use this network to find other professionals to connect with and start your own groups (which can be used to discuss industry news, creative ideas and demonstrate your expert knowledge upon a multitude of topics.)

Freelancer Opinion

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Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Freelancers


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