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The work at Home Employment

Updated on January 11, 2016
The Work From Home Employment
The Work From Home Employment | Source

The Work at Home Employment

The work at home employment is not all that some in the workforce may think as easy because you do not have to be at the office at certain times,makes no difference. The Opposite is true, you wake up sometimes earlier,depending on how much time you worked on the night before . The main objective is to learn that we all need sleep , and when you have a work at home emplyment situation, it's quite easy to work up until the early hours of the next morning. This is not good unless you get at least 8 hours of sleep, I have learned this the hard way, one that works from their home sometimes forget about the time,and just keeps going becasue in reality for me ,I have to work harder than a regular job. I think that is why I prefer the work at home employment situation I have.

I work as a photographer sometimes,and that is not steady as I do not photograph Weddings, because I do not want to.I also have my music and a recording studio in my house and that is mostly for fun, yet I do sell my Mp3s online as well,and this all takes time.I also am a secret shopper and I just started this ,so I am not to sure about what I am going to leave off my schedule,because this will take part of my day.I am a freelance writer and writing a book, that keeps getting to one chapter to another slowly because of my other activities ,I have to work at right now.I am a full time affiliate marketer,and now trying to make it on hub-pages to increase my earnings ,part time.I am always doing something for money and it's consistent,and pays well,yet many,many mistakes happen before one can get started on the work at home employment.I highly suggest you have a job ,then slowly work into this line of work,and you must enjoy your own company also when it's computer related.

I have been a photographer for 8 years and fed myself with jobs here and there for magazines and art galleries,I am still in the art galleries yet have not had any freelance photography jobs at all,and that's due to making the puzzle all fit so I have many directions of income.It has worked and I have not done without in a long time,and the market is looking up for myself as of this writing, I get sidetracked on times with my writing,and I have to watch that.

There are several work at home employment opportunities available,and it's really hard to pick one and stick with it, if it's going to be a while before it will pay off.This you get use to,that is why I have so many part time jobs I have developed.My mind is always thinking of new ideas ,but has slowed down now,that I am pretty well organized.There are jobs ,such as dog walking in the city I suppose and babysitting,or caring for the elderly,which is in high demand.I chose what I chose and some were scams and that is the hard part is weeding out the scams in the beginning of your search for the work at home employment especially when it's computer related and you have to be a multitasker as far as using a computer. I can have three computers running at a time and it can be awfully confusing until you have a system in place.Like I said when you work from your house , you can put in many more hours than most people do in two weeks just to make it ,so how bad do you really want to do this? That is the question and do you like to multitask and read and type,all while having to answer the phone and go to appointments with the Dr. are the most frustrating for me ,because it puts me behind.

One must have self discipline to do work at home employment, as I don't think I turn the television on except in the morning to catch the news then I'm off to the room I was just in 8 hrs ago.I dont' get tired of it, I change out sometimes and work at the library or from the park if I can,it just depends on what project I have to accomplish first.This lifestyle I lead is hard if you are married as I am not,and Yes I have had a few dates but my mind is on my work,and so at this point in my life I do not have time for a relationship.This one must think of also,how much time,effort are you willing to commit to a work at home employment situation?

I have even thought of doing some Adjusting work as I am a Licensed Insurance adjuster, yet I enjoy seeing what I can do with the resources I have and I like to take my time on some projects so I can accomplish them right and as perfect as I can.I welcome anyone to try this at home in the evenings after work and if you can handle that then your a possible candidate for working at home employment, but if your idea is to watch television and then do a couple of hours on a project,well good luck. I hope that answers a few questions on working from your home whether its computer related or not expect to put in time even on the weekends, you must work everyday,and yet you need your sleep and fun time also,you just don't get that much of it,I have fun writing,so it's hard to call it work. That is the mindset that will work for you also if this is your choice. Good Luck!!


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