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Updated on October 15, 2016

The Best Startups of Canada

Canada is so full of intelligent and patriotic people. I was so impressed by some stories that i thought of writing a post for those success stories. They all started from scratch and now they are earning real good and are happy with their life. So lets us start from,

1. Johnny

Johnny was real fan of rock music in his high school. One thing he was real good on was designing Rock posters and Concert Posters of the Rock bands he love. His friends and family told him that you can sell this stuff man. So he created a website and believe it or not almost all of the rock and concert posters in Canada are bought from his website,

The Visit his website. :)

2. Karen Orlando

She started as a employee of a physiotherapy company and also worked as a physiotherapist in Olympics. but according to her working for someone has no charm as compared to starting and managing one's own business. SO she started her clinic in Toronto, On Canada and started giving physiotherapy Toronto and massage services in Toronto. Now ProCare rehab is one of the best places in Toronto for physiotherapy, Pilates and massages. She is also offering 15 minutes free consultancy on phone call.

3. Jackie

It is such a shame that Governments are trying to shutdown the natural remedies for stress and anger issues while promoting expensive medicine with loads of side effects. As we all know that Kratom is legal in Canada (Thanks to our DA), Jackie started his website for all types of Kratom's and with the lowest rates as compared to his competitors. I myself always visit for buying the best Kratom in Canada.

4. Luara

She is really a tech fan and also one of my best friends. With the start of wearable technology, she was just crazy about smart watches like pebble , motorola and Apple smart watch and cheap Smartwatches. A friend of us suggested her that why not create a review website for yourself. Well she created one and She is earning qite some bucks with the help of Amazon affiliate program. Her blog is cheapwareable.


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    • profile image

      Jonathan 18 months ago

      Its amazing to see all these people, i'm also an entrepreneur and trying to be successful like these guys