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The Use of Statistics in the Advertising Business

Updated on March 7, 2012

Advertisers indeed use many statistics to optimize their products selling potential. “Behind every aspect of to-day’s complex business set-up, the analysis of specially-collected statistics is actively providing the basis for countless decisions” made in the advertising business (Rodgers, 1952). The commercials that we see are constantly giving the viewer statistics as to why they should purchase their product, or they are using statistics to create the commercial to appeal to a specific audience.

One of the first steps in creating an advertisement commercial is deciding who will statistically find the product appealing based on how the commercial advertises their product. If they are advertising cleaning chemicals, they are typically going to involve a mom or a busy housewife to demonstrate how this particular cleaning product will make their lives easier. Let’s say a company is advertising junior girl clothing. They would create their commercial to appeal to a typical teenager and how this specific clothing will make them popular.

Using statistics to create commercials is vital in the advertisement business. However, it is common for advertisers to use sampling errors when they are using statistics. There are many statistics that are incorrect, in that each topic related to one statistic is logically non-related to the other.


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