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Theme-Based Websites

Updated on August 3, 2011

Providing Helpful Information

Helping people is always a win-win situation! Most of us spend our time focused on how we can help ourselves. That is the sad truth.

Yet, we have discovered in life that there is great rewards in giving to people.

Building theme-based websites is one sure way to help people.

Everyday, millions of people browse the Internet in search of one major thing. Can you guess what that is?

You got it! Information. Yes, helpful information.

That is exactly what a theme-based website provides - helpful information. I spent over three years on the Internet trying my hands at marketing, before discovering this useful truth.

Just like me, whenever someone gets on the Internet, he/she wants content to help them solve a problem, add insight to a situation or just enrich their lives. This truth came home to me just 5 months ago when I discovered SiteSell.

Thanks to SiteSell (, I learned that it always pays to give people what they seek. Additionally, life is much better lived, when one lives for others.

I thought I had learned that lesson as a child, but unfortunately I lost it somewhere along the way of life.

Have you lost that lesson too? Do you go through life just thinking about what you can get out of it? Are you trying to build an Internet business by focusing solely on making big bucks?

If so, you are on the wrong path.

Stop! If your business is website building, you must think about what the customer needs. You must provide helpful information for the web browser. You must build theme-based websites.

I mentioned earlier about spending 3 years online just thinking about me - making money. With SiteSell's ( eye-opening information and powerful tools, I started on the right path to build a theme-based website: Today, I am much happier because so many more people are happy when they discover my site - one that provides them with vital information for planning an inclusive Caribbean cruise.

So, did you get it? Practice giving to others - such as a theme-based website - and you will gain the rewards. People will consider you a professional writer or a field expert in any topic that you choose.

By the way, whenever you set out to build a content-rich website, please ensure that you know the topic that you will write about.

Enough. Get to it. Start giving people what they seek on the Internet. Start building a theme-based website.


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