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There are some things that always sell on Ebay

Updated on September 21, 2010

Some things always sell despite bad efforts

eBay is a vast captive search system.  If you have the right thing for sale, you can sell it without much effort.  You don't have to have good pictures, you don't need to market it, and you don't need traction on eBay when you have the right product.   People will come and look for it and buy it.    I have been a buyer and bidder on eBay for many years.  There are certain items that people want and will buy............

Maybe it is the new digital camera or it could be anything Apple.  There are actually many things that people will go out and try to find to buy.  If you have every watched an auction towards the last minute, you will see something amazing and that is people will wait until the very last minute to bid on things.  When there is very little time left, items become super visible.  This is where you can observe what people want to buy.  I will show everyone how to do this in another hub.  I suggest that you take a look at some items and watch them sell in the last minute.  See what sells and what doesn't sell and you will actually gain some amazing knowledge that will help you make money.  You will know what people buy.

Here are some things and brands I know that will always sell.

My realm is industrial equipment (Mercedes and Rolex are not industrial brands) and I know that is probably not up most peoples alleys but these things sell well.

Mercedes brands
Rolex brands
Kurt Vises
Aloris AXA lathe tool holders
DeWalt chop saws
Monarch EE lathes

Maybe these items are not your cup tea.  So find something that is.

So the first trick in making money on eBay is to understand the type of items that will sell well.  There are 1000's of items.  With these items, you don't need to do anything fancy.  People will just come and buy them.  I would suggest to anyone who plans on making an income on eBay that they learn to recognize what sells well.  Redistribution or what is know in the industrial world as scrapping has made people very good incomes and some people very wealthy.  Take a look at Reliable Tool who has a store on eBay.  They have built a million dollar business by buying SoCal industrial surplus and reselling it on ebay.  There are a lot of auctions that are on line and not online where a person can buy surplus items.  If you know what sells, you can make a mint.  There are people who do the same at garage sales and flee markets. 

I am going to look for items outside of my realm and see if I can help others identify things that will sell well on eBay.

I am going to do more articles on items that sell well on eBay.

I will write more hubs on the following subjects:

I am going to inform people how and where to buy.
Marketing strategies and the Old (let it sit until someone needs it methodology)
How to set prices on items so they sell
How to buy on eBay and resell on eBay or off eBay.

My store is in my profile if you want to stop by and see how I am doing.


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    • Ben Evans profile image

      Ben Evans 6 years ago


      I wouldn't call it derailed. I haven't had time to write. I like to share but I haven't had enough time to write for the past 6 months. The key to ebaY is to sell what others want. I will try and this is no promise to write again. In a period of six months, I have become a powerseller as well as a trading assistant and sell over 100 items a month. I would like to share this if I have time.



    • profile image

      scodal 6 years ago

      lol what happened? it looks like you derailed at the end of this article. i was really hoping for some tips of things to start investing in and selling, not to know that you will be back to write more