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There is No Secret Ingredient for Your Online Business

Updated on January 23, 2011

There is No Secret Ingredient for Your Online Business

There is no secret ingredient for your online business. A lot of newbies and even some "experienced" internet entrepreneurs think there's some big secret to making money online when in reality there really isn't. You see these products online with their outrageous claims that you can make x amount of dollars if you just follow their program. In reality it's all just a sales pitch. No matter where you go in your realistic lives and even in the virtual life of the internet, you're always going to be sold on something. Heck you're even sold on something when you don't even leave your house. For example if you and I were watching TV and I asked you to turn up the volume a bit, I'm selling you on an idea that the volume should be louder in order for me to have a better viewing experience. Make sense?

So when you come across these products that are guaranteeing you results instantly or within a certain amount of time, cut the shit and realize that the fan is on full blast. Most people jump into the IDEA that if you just buy this, all of your problems would disappear. When the reality is that if everything in life were that easy, then everyone would be rich, happy, in the best shape of their lives and everyone would be the Jones' instead of trying to keep up with them.

How does this pertain to your online business? This quick little article is just a brief reminder that when you think you're the only one struggling to achieve success with your online business, you're not! Hell I've been in the internet marketing business for about three and a half months now and I've only made $4.93 cents from Google Adsense, and even though I've made that money I haven't gotten paid out because my payout thresh hold is $100.

Remember that there are no secrets when it comes to your online business. When looking for information try and find it from people who are just like you, instead of these flashy squeeze pages with "promising" results. The best thing that you can do to brand yourself is to just be you! Separate yourself from the crowd and genuinely want to help people in whatever your niche is. You like cooking? Then show me some recipes that only your family knows about! Know everything there is about Mexican hat dancing? Well shit show me about it!

There is no secret ingredient for your online business. Be creative. Be yourself. Have fun.

oh and a little back linking and and SEO work doesn't hurt either :)



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