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These 3 Sites Will Pay You To Do Quick Tasks Online

Updated on March 22, 2016

What is a MicroTask Website?

If you are new to the making money online world, the word microtask might be totally new to you, and how the websites that offer these tasks work could be daunting. Let's go through a simple introduction to what these tasks are like, what kind of payment you can get, and how the basics of the websites work.

A microtask is a task that you can complete online, and usually takes no more than five or ten minutes. They aren't really limited to any particular category of work, and can range from transcribing audio clips, searching for specific information online, identifying elements of an image or video, and so on. There are a TON of different types of tasks that you can work on, and usually you'll be able to find some that you'll enjoy.

Because these tasks are relatively simple and quick to do, the payment is not particularly stellar. You can expect to make between $0.01 to $0.15 per task, depending on the difficulty and how long it takes to do that task. Transcription of audio tasks usually offer a higher wage, whereas categorizing images or doing simple searches online will pay on the lower side of the spectrum. However, if you have the time, they can offer a great way to make a little extra spending money.

Most microtask sites work basically in the same fashion. They have two sides to them, the requester side, which is where "employers" can create tasks and offer them to workers, and then the worker side, which is the aspect we will focus on. You simply sign up, enter in some basic personal information and payment information, and you'll be on your way! You can then usually find lists of tasks that are available to you, and also you can usually take qualification tests to prove your skills in specific areas, which will unlock new and usually higher paying tasks.

Now that we have the basics down, let's move onto three of the biggest websites in the microtask industry!

1. Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Amazon MTurk, is one of the biggest players in this field. They currently have over 300,000 tasks available to do, and more are added every day. If you are looking for consistent work availability and a trusted website to do it through, MTurk is a great place to start.

The withdrawal threshold is only set at $1, so once you earn at least $1 through doing microtasks, you are able to withdraw it to your Amazon Payments account, and then from there you can withdraw it to a bank account, or put it onto an Amazon Gift Card. Initially, there will be a holding period on your earnings while you start out on MTurk, and once you are active on the site for 10 days after completing your first hit, this hold will be lifted.

Note: If you are from any country other than the U.S. or India, currently you are only able to withdraw your earnings to an Amazon Gift Card.

Once you register for the site, it will generally take up to 48 hours for the Amazon team to review your worker profile and approve you. There is usually no risk of getting rejected, so you just have to wait a little bit before you can start working.

After your account has been approved, you can start working on microtasks and earning money! You'll also have the chance to complete qualification tests to allow you to complete more tasks. There is a limit that MTurk places on how many tasks you can complete per day, and this limit will rise as you complete more tasks with good accuracy. It's unlikely that you'll ever really hit this limit, expect maybe in the first couple of days of working on the site.

MTurk is one of the best microtask sites that are out there right now, and you can get anymore secure or trusted than Amazon. If you are looking for a site to provide a steady amount of tasks and easy access to your earnings, then Amazon MTurk is the place for you.

2. MicroWorkers

Another big website in this industry is Microworkers, This site also provides a ton of tasks that are available to you as a worker, with over 400 individual jobs currently available, with each of these jobs having hundreds of tasks within them. One of the biggest advantages to MicroWorkers is that many of the jobs have a higher payout rate, with many of them being over $1 per task completed, which is a great wage for microtasks.

This site works much like MTurk, however the withdrawal process is much more complicated. Once you earn over $9, you are able to put in a withdrawal request. After you do this, they will mail a PIN to your address that you put on your account, and once you get this PIN you'll be able to enter it on the website, and then you're account will be cleared for them to start sending you payments through Paypal, DWolla, or Moneybookers. They don't publish an estimated time it will take for the PIN to get to you, but I've heard instances of it taking up to one month. This can really be a big disadvantage, since other sites like MTurk allow for the money to be in your account with a few days or less. However, once you are approved for withdrawals on MicroWorkers, you'll be able to get pretty awesome earnings.


The last website that we will be talking about that offers microtasks is ClickWorker. This site works much like the other two, so we will mainly try to highlight the differences in ClickWorker.

ClickWorker seems to be a smaller microtask site, although they have over 740,000 workers registered with the site. There seems to be less jobs available to work on, and more of an emphasis put on completing qualification assessments to get access to more and better tasks. However, don't be afraid of doing these assessments, most of them aren't too hard, and if you don't pass the first time, you can always take them again!

ClickWorker allows you to withdraw your payments through Paypal, and requires a SSN for U.S. workers, although I'm not sure what they require of workers from other countries.

ClickWorker also provides a pretty good referral program, where they will pay you $5 for each worker you refer to ClickWorker that earns $10.

ClickWorker is a smaller site that requires a bit more work to get access to the jobs, so I would recommend to spend more time on the other two sites, and use this one as just an addition to your earnings from the other two.

Have You Tried Any of These Sites?

Which of the above sites have you completed tasks on?

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      Mike Leal 21 months ago from London

      This Hub is really helpful. I am new to online stuff, trying to find ways to make extra income. Thanks for sharing the info.