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Youth in search of Life work.

Updated on February 16, 2008


I see a young, college student smiling from a blog page requesting ideas for a career.

All the years fall away like old dusty pages in grannies attic. I am 5 and looking though some old Post magazines, mostly pictures and not very sophisticated. For me though the pictures were the world and I would go through these magazines for hours, never making a sound. Leatherneck and American Legion rank high because of the men in uniforms killing the enemy. Now I get the Legion, it;s emphasis now on another war, My war wasn't big enough or long enough. For those who died though, it was just long enough.

We followed the rules for the day which meant you went to high school, tried to star in some sport , got a part time job to pay for a car and insurance. You were drafted for the army or you joined to avoid the infantry, with all that training and marching. When you came home you got a job and married or you went to college and then got a job selling insurance or doing CPA work, selling insurance or managing a finance company,

Today there are so many more choices. You can study in Europe and explore the beautiful countryside on a bike. If you like it, you can even lead other tourists on the road while you get paid. Go to Hawaii and get certified ikn scuba and teach the tourist kids in the swimming pools. You hardly have to get wet, the pay is good with room and board.

The government national parks offers the same deal . If you like it, the beauty and solitude will suck you into a lifetime government check as a full time ranger.

there are hundreds of jobs like this around. Check out the peace corps. My friend landed a job with the public health service. He had to go out and check the cruise ships for infestation, illegal activity, or disease on board. He ate with the captain and slept on the ship. Next day he would be sailing to another island. He is a high level boss now. He lives in a mansion in Atlanta, one of those old civil war places. another friend is teaching at university.

Another is a marine biologist and has worked on the cousteau project. Dan became an investigator checking out backgrounds of potential employees. I was a diamond guy for 10 years. Quit. Went back and got a PhD. Worked with the free clinics and got them money for their clinics. Quit. Became a psychologist, wrote a book and crawled around mountainous places like the grand Tetons and Jackson Lake in Wyoming on weekends, learned to ski, snow shoe, climb, and sleep in a yurt. Worked as a while as a river guide summers .

Raise your sights a bit , there is much to do and learn, like when we rode our bikes onto the ferry in Washington and explored the San Juan's for three weeks, meanwhile camping next to the Portland Symphony, who were a blast. They invited us to a trombonist and violin wedding next to the Puget sound, with ferry boats blasting their horns. Then we rode to Victoria and had tea at the Empress Hotel.

My best friend got me a teaching job at the university so I had lots of time to get away and see if maybe there was somewhere else I should be going, like Alaska. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and make lots of friends to share with and a place to stay when you travel, like Steam Boat Springs, and Crested Butte. Colorado and Utah, Nevada, Pennsylvania., Maine and Kentucky. It seems the friends you make during your travels will remain so for your lifetime.

Park City Utah


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