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Thesis Theme for WordPress the SEO & User Friendly Template System Review

Updated on September 11, 2010

See Thesis in Action

Thesis Theme for WordPress Take Flexibility & Customization to a New Level

WordPress Premium Themes are usually pretty inflexible with few exceptions. One of those exceptions is the Thesis Theme for WordPress. Thesis is amazingly flexible for quickly changing the look of your site with out knowing how to program PHP or code CSS files.

I’ve read several reviews of the Thesis Theme online and they all tout the exact same features that you can find right on the Thesis Theme homepage. What I’m going to talk about is not so much the features but how and why using Thesis can make your job of Blogging or Affiliate Marketing much simpler.

First off after you install Thesis you’ll see a “Thesis” Panel in the navigation bar on the left side of your WordPress Administration panel.

You have several options to quickly and easily configure your own personal or business blog/cms/website. The latest version at the time of this review is Thesis 1.8.

  • Site Options
  • Page Options
  • Custom File Editor
  • Manage Options

Site options are where you want to go to first set up your new Thesis based WordPress Blog/CMS (Content Management System). The first thing you’ll want to do is give your Blog/CMS a user friendly Title and select how you want your Title Tags to appear to users and the search engines. This is extremely important as the keywords you select for your Title Tags are most likely those which match the keyword searches actual users will query. So you definitely want to name your site page Titles carefully. I’m not going to dive into Titles here other than to say for example that if your site is about automobile detailing you would be much better off with:

“Automotive Detailing Supply” than “”. The reason is the first will match keywords while the second will only benefit you if your site has already established brand awareness… which most new sites have not. While most themes do not pay such close attention to SEO structure the Thesis Theme for WordPress does. This is a huge bonus for you because all you have to do is essentially fill in the blanks and Thesis will reward you with a much higher ranking in the Search Engines than a Blog Theme that looks nice but is not optimized. Bottom line is you’ll rank higher and faster.

Thesis also make inserting simple script like Google Analytics simple. The new version 1.8 also allows you to quickly and easily upload a properly formatted Logo or Header Banner which takes advantage of CSS and proper coding syntax. Again you don’t need to worry about SEO all you have to do is upload your logo! A neat trick is your header and tag line are properly incorporated in the site for high SEO Ranking.

What I like most about Thesis is how simple it is to make changes. You just pick and choose what you want from a menu of options. And if you want to change anything later no problem, just deselect or select the options you want. With an extensive support site if you have any questions you’ll find them answered with complete tutorials on how to do what you want to do. There are already over 25,000 Thesis users. So you’ll find answers that with other WordPress Themes may not even exist.

If you’re an Affiliate Marketer you’ll appreciate how easily thesis integrates with plugins without causing conflicts. You’ll also love how easy it is to place any size affiliate banner in your side bars. If you need a 300 wide pixel side bar no problem! Just select to make your column width 300 pixels and thesis will automatically adjust the padding and look on the front end. You can even select how wide you want the padding to be.

Another powerful feature for marketers is the ability to turn display or not display category titles in the Navigation Bar. Say you want to test something new. Create a Category and get your page ready. When you are ready to go live simply select to include it in the Navigation Menu, until then deselect it. Simple. Intuitive.

The real power of the Thesis Theme is the framework which allows you to make changes to your site without touching the template code. This is done through the Custom File Editor. You simply open up the file and paste in code for what you want to happen on your site. You could if you knew how to code PHP write your own modifications which is why so many Web Designers choose Thesis as their framework for their Clients sites, but you don’t have to! All you need to do is find the code on the Thesis Support site and then cut and paste it into the custom file editor. This is amazingly powerful, but not so quickly evident until you start doing it. Once you see it in action you’ll realize it’s brilliance.

The Thesis Theme Design Options Tab is where you change the “Look” of your site. You can change the font, font size, color, headlines, footer, column width, etc. Simple quick intuitive. Just make your changes and preview your site. If you don’t like the change then change it again until you do. With other Themes you are STUCK with the colors the designer chooses for you! This is one of the most powerful features that will help you custom tailor your marketing efforts to your campaigns. In a matter of a few mouse clicks you can have a complete new color pallet up and running. Imagine how powerful that would be for your business. Here is an example: Let’s say it’s St. Patrick’s day and you want all your tabs and background to be green! No problem. Click, click, view and it’s green. Then tomorrow you just change it back. With most themes you would be in a text editor looking for the color hex codes and trying to make the changes. With Thesis you’re done in minutes without ever touching the code.

With the Thesis Theme for WordPress you are in charge of your site instead of letting the site be in charge of you. And the very best feature is the ease of use. Anyone who can operate a computer can make a great looking site with Thesis and never have to worry about touching code or SEO. Give the Thesis Theme a look for your next project. And don’t worry about mistakes because Thesis has you covered. At any time you can simply go to “Manage Options” and reset your Site, Page, or Design Options to their default settings. It’s like you can’t really make a mistake… you’re always covered!

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is simple, intuitive, and amazingly powerful... but you can't fully appreciate it until you take it for a test drive!
The Thesis Theme for WordPress is simple, intuitive, and amazingly powerful... but you can't fully appreciate it until you take it for a test drive!


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