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Things your boss does not Like & what to do about it

Updated on April 3, 2011


Bosses hate people who keep moving the deadline or simply refuse to do something on a particular date or time.

you may have your own (and sometimes very good reasons) for this, but the boss is angry and worried coz he cannot depend upon you.

see, he created a team plan, a project outline that requires inputs from everyone in the team, at a particular time and in format or in the quantity with the results required to make the whole project a success.

when you procrastinate, you effectively put the whole team progress and the project in jeopardy.

what to do:

1. Complete all your assignments on time.

2. If for some reason you cannot, discuss the situation with your boss.  tell him/her why you cannot complete it and seek assistance.

3. if you can only do a part of the assignment, ask the boss what he would like you to prioritize.  sometimes this may create solutions that may work for both you.

4. ensure you apologize and tell your boss how you will ensure all work is completed on time in the future.

Not taking responsibility

You are always responsible for someone, yourself!

You may feel that you have no one reporting into you, but the fact is, you are at a minimum responsible for yourself, your actions and your conduct.

Bosses hate employees who do not accept that responsibility

Blaming Someone Else

You were given in a task. You were asked to complete it. For some reason, it was uncompleted.

Let say the reason is X. A boss would hate it if that X turns out to another team member.
Now where it is generally another team member’s fault, as a proactive person you were
supposed to speak to them and ensure that the task was completed.

If it was’t them there are better ways to manage these things than blaming someone else.

When you blame someone else, all that you are doing is telling your boss that I can find
the excuses to not getting work done and that is not acceptable.

There is a reason why bosses would not like you to blame someone else. The whole concept of the team fails if each one goes to the boss complaining about the other. So if today he entertains
your complaints, tomorrow he would have to entertain somebody else’s complaint against you and if he does not stop them, it goes on and on and we would never get any work done and will only keep blaming someone else.

What can you do:

1. If there is somebody else who is responsible for the completion of your task, please ensure that the boss has made it clear to them that they would need to support you. If you are not getting the kind of the response required, speak to your boss before the deadline is due.

2. You should also try and look these situations from you own level of authority. Why cant you just go across and chat to that person, have a talk, discuss & tell them, why that job or part's completion is vital to project.

If other person completely fails, may be you should-find somebody else who can do it for you.

To make yourself look good , to make sure that you are somebody your boss looks at to manage & find solutions, never blame someone else.

Claiming to know how to do something, when you don’t.

It is very easy to do that when you are trying to impress your boss, or trying to make sure that you are given a chance to prove yourself and trying to show the world what you can do.

Unfortunately, the task that the boss wants to give you, you don’t know what to do about it, but you think to yourself that may be I can learn while I am doing the task, may be I can ask three or four more people how to do it, then I can impress the boss. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not.

My suggestion is don’t try if you don't know how to do something.  go up and ask for help for that particular task.

Speak to your manager and tell your boss that you are very eager and enthusiastic and you are really want to do the task, but you just do not know how to begin. Sometimes the boss will just reassign the task, but more often than not and I am ensure that this will happen, bosses will sit down and actually quite like both your honesty and your eagerness to do the job.

He will tell you how to begin the effort, might suggest some people. responses to start with or how to do it. This is much better.

Remember claiming to know how to do something, when you dont know how to do it is, just plain wrong.

not making an effort beyond the minimum

Your boss asked you to meet 10 people and take feedback. Yes, he specified that you only need to look at 3 particular samples, but really could you not meet one more person for feedback? Could you not have seen one more sample?  Could you not do that little bit extra that’s makes you special over and beyond the rest of the people?

Doing something just because the boss asked to do it is one thing, doing something just because the boss asked to do it and doing it by your standards is something else.

You already put in almost 100% effort into doing something, but it is only going to achieve what the boss asked to do, if you put 10 more percent, just 10 more % work, the results would be double.

The boss will be overjoyed, he would love your initiative, your effort to go beyond the call of duty and the results will speak for themselves.

incomplete or low standard work

One of the more thing that the boss will get really upset about is the delivery of incomplete or low standard work. They do not understand it.
According to your boss, this is what he thinks 'I gave you something, you told me that you will do it and then you give it back to me in this shoddy, incomplete manner!  It is not done to the right standard, its actually done terribly bad. Now I will have to waste more time correcting or improving your work, than what I would have wasted if I had done it myself!'

They do not understand some simple questions:
1. You said you were educated
2. You said you had experience
3. You said you could do it

Delivering incomplete and incoherent work is no no.

Going Over The Boss' Head

One more thing that will guarantee an adverse reaction from your boss will be if you go over the boss' head to superiors. You may have a grouch, you may be angry, you may actually have a legitimate cause, but there is a chain of command.

The chain shows two things viz, responsibility and authority.

You have a great idea that could be in fact a fantastic idea, but currently cannot be implemented because of certain things that you are unaware of.  Could be human resource problems, could be other financial resources,  or something else, but when you go over your boss' head, you essentially telling the boss, I do not care about you.

The boss thinks that you are telling him and his boss that you can do better than him. 
That is unacceptable.

Lazy, Gossipy & Trying to do everything!

Bosses hate gossiping.
Bosses hate people who start rumors, who fan the rumour mill.

Bosses hate lazy people obviously. I do not want to be scribbling notes, reminding you constantly about what to do.  I want to do my job and I want you to help me.

Bosses also hate one more thing.
They hate people trying to get involved in everything. You may be enthusiastic, initiative, proactive what have you, just ensure the enthusiasm is not just to sign off on everything, rather than on completing it.

Last Words

Look for opportunity to show your boss that you are sincere and hardworking, initiative driven, ambitious, yet supportive.

Prabhjot Bedi

Personal Success Coach

you can email me on for any question whatsoever.

you can also call me on +91 98720 00604 to schedule a free session at your workplace.


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    • prabhjotbedi profile image

      Prabhjot Bedi 6 years ago from chandigarh

      @mkrandhawa thank you!

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      mkrandhawa 6 years ago from India

      very nice hub.

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      surfsurd 7 years ago from India

      I agree!

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      nancy 7 years ago

      so funny!! my boss is just like this! Really good video.

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