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Yes, Things Can Go Wrong for World Famous Successful People Too

Updated on April 6, 2011

Be Inspired Because Successful People are Like Us Too

Here's a list of videos that I watch from time to time to draw inspiration.

What they tell us is that even successful people make mistakes too. Maybe the lesson to be learnt here is that taking action and making mistakes is just part of the journey to your own success.

So next time you make a mistake, you know it is because you are taking action and striding towards your success.

Now go ahead and enjoy the videos. I know I will.

Steve Jobs Apple Keynote Bloopers

Even Steve Jobs Mess Up His Presentations

The next time you make a mistake in your presentation to your boss or that important customer. Take comfort from the fact that even a tech savvy & veteran speaker like Steve Jobs get stumped during a live demo in front of pack audiences too.

Bill Gates faces Win XP's Blue Screen of Death

Successful Entrepreneur Learn How to Laugh at Difficult Situations

Imagine you are Bill Gates, the CEO of the biggest Software Company in the world. What do you do when your number one most important product, your operating System fails with the dreaded blue screen in the middle of a live demo. Bill Gates was able to laugh at it of course. Maybe we should learn a thing or tow from one of the most successful entrepreneur of our time.

Hey! Even Robots can Make Mistake Too

You might have thought that only humans are fallible. Well guess what? Take a look at the video clip of Honda's Humanoid Android (which by the way cost "gazillion" dollars) falling down the stairs. The next time we make a mistake, maybe we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves.

Super Models can Fall Down Too (but they do it with Style)

The next time you take spill in your working or private life, maybe you should learn from the super model Agyness Deyn to change your situation (she actually took off the ridiculously unstable heels) and try again with style and a smile.

Even Oprah have Bloopers Too

Here's More Videos of When Things Don't Go As Planned

Be inspired by these other videos and learn to roll with flow and take problems into issues, issues into opportunities, and opportunities into success. Which really just means that problems are success in a really good disguise. Right?

Things Goes Wrong A Lot on Live TV Too

We Don't Always Say the Right Things

Share Your Success and Spectacular Mistakes

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