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Things I Don't Like About Fanbox

Updated on August 12, 2015
Easy Money
Easy Money | Source

How it started

Started fanbox Nov. 2012 and have a few issues. Got kicked out Apr. 2014

Received emails stating I was earning $5.22, $5.24 and the like. Checking the source said was recommended by a net friend. Joined and let fanbox into my email list. This is how so many got started back then.

Sounds like easy money! Then realized it was only like the 22 cents part. Turns out you get about 4 or 5% over a 90 day period. The $5 part is a loan you have to pay back. Major problem here is they charged you 1.58% a month fees. That equaling 4.74%. So the times they payed out less then that % you lost. This is only one example of the ways they kept from giving you much, if any money. Making it sound easy to earn. You have to do the math.

The Bait
The Bait | Source

The Hook

They give the impression that anyone can easily earn on fanbox. Members were wanting the money fanbox said they "earned". So I asked a fanbox coach how was it that a loan can be considered earning. Answer: It is some sort of accounting method fanbox uses. Fanbox then went to an "by invite only" way of getting members because they had so many upset members that were not receiving the funds fanbox kept saying they "earned". Thing is you have to pay back all the borrowed "earned" money before you get what is left. And they keep that for 90 days accruing monthly fees.

Most fanboxers do what is call boosting. You fund someone's blog or item they have for sale. That pays about 5%. You have to wait 90 days and have $25 or more before you can cash out. Costs are 3 x 1.58% = 4.74%. So when IPL is paying less than 4.74% you are actually loosing money! One way you can break this cycle is by doing the other activities to earn above the IPL fee charged. Another way is to invest your own money. Then you earn about 22% a year, if you stay away from the overpriced items and don't do ads. This is a big risk for a site that can close tomorrow.

This is a great site for good bloggers and those that are good at ads and such. It is the average fanboxer, that is funding those few. Most, I believe will loose money here. Because of the impression of easy money.

Had a blog on fanbox that explains how I see the way it really works. Got messages from other members that warned that fanbox may close my account if I bad mouth fanbox. Removed it and wrote this hub. They closed my account anyway for voicing an opinion in April 2014.

My teacher experience

When someone joins from your invite they become your student and you earn commissions. They have only paid me about $5 for being a teacher. They promised 10% for the first 6 months of my student's earnings. Students earned about $1,000 during that time. I should be getting $100. Must have been only the profits my students earned. That would be about the $5. They could have explained this and not lead you to believe you got 10% on the whole amount. Double meaning/standard for "earnings" at play.

They claimed if you did all the steps and "graduated" your earnings would double. That didn't happen. They must have left something out. I kept asking what earnings double? No answer! It could be some small part that I wasn't earning any money on anyway? They could list the areas that the "graduated money" doubled on. It sure wasn't any and all money earned.

Nibbling your profits
Nibbling your profits | Source

Almost quit and loss of money earned

Was going to quit, Then tried out their new photos thing and was earning, finally. I become a power user again. Photos was added to power user. The lowest level costs $6. You get 33% back into your 90 days to mature balance.Uploaded a couple photos, earned about 72 cents a day. X 30 = $21.60 a month. Minus the $6 = $15.60 profit. Went to a higher, $50 a month, level using my projected profits of $21 a mo. The couple days I uploaded photos paid ave. of $3.30.Then the big rule changes started. Would have earned 30 x 3.30 =about $100 minus the $33 add back in the 33% rebate of $11, profit of $77 a mo.

The plan was to use the profits from a couple months to go to a higher level. The highest is $1,500. If the ratio follows the $50 level your profit will be 30 x 100 = about $3,500 a mo.All this is true only if fanbox does not change the rules like they have done so many times in the past.

Update: Rules have changed and things in this past are no longer valid. My costs have sky rocketed and profits way down. I quit spending any more money and waited out the 90 day maturing time. Paying down the loan as required with that months profits. At the end made only about $20 profit all the time from Nov. 2012 to Apr.2014.

Counter to fanbox's TOS
Counter to fanbox's TOS | Source

I was charged when I shouldn't have been.

Bid on their auction items and got charges on my Paypal for bids I didn't win. When I complained was accused of trying to defraud fanbox. Checked their TOS and it stated that money would be charged only if you won the bid. So, Who defrauded who here? Took fanbox off my Paypal when they sent notice that they where going to take out monthly I'll Pay Later (IPL) loan fees. I am wondering how many others got those charges and didn't complain and didn't have their funds returned. Tried to pay the monthly fee with money that I earned. They told me you now have to have matured earnings (earnings older then 90 days) before you could use that to pay off anything. They then charged my credit card $17 without my permission. They got my info when I used the card to buy items when I tried out that "power user" thing. I did not give them permission to use my CC any time they wanted. I then changed my CC number.

Not to the benefit of most members
Not to the benefit of most members | Source

More big changes

Fanbox has changed again.They are screwing up photos earnings as of Nov/22/13. Updates by fanbox president Brian Woosley, They say that too much money is going out to pay those uploading photos and videos. So now you have to spend a lot more on different plans in order for you to earn at the same rate you used to. Problem is the cost of the plans is more then you earned before. Also they plan to take away the 33% cash rebate for purchasing a power user level. This will double, or more, the present costs depending on the level you purchase. On top of that my $3.50 a day average has fallen to around only $2.25 a day. And steadily falling as time goes on.

I have wrote a fanbox blog that tells how to make $4 a day 100% free This isn't much for those in a country like the U.S. About half the world lives on $1.00 a day or less. This will bring them that when they follow the plan. Providing the rule changes and fees don't interfere. And fanbox's stated mission "uplifting Humanity" will become a reality? for many. NOT TO BE!

Blog no longer active:

"You are attempting to access a blog that doesn't exist.

If it existed previously, it may have been deleted by the user or otherwise removed from the system."

I did not remove the blog, So it must have been "otherwise removed from the system." by fanbox.

Forcing me to pay fees on money earned.

Also had sold a couple items and they didn't let me use that money right away to pay the 1.58% IPL fees. That 90 days rip off again. So, you don't have use of your earnings.
They make it sound like you are going to earn money by placing ads. I lost about $85 and only made back about $2.50. There have been many others that say they have lost money on ads. They used to post what ads where costing you on the day they took it out of your balance. Now it is from your sight in balances two or three months in the past. So you will not see them unless you know to go back and check. They do post on a current day when you make a little from an ad to make it appear like you are profiting because you don't see the money you actually are spending unless you know to look. Very sneaky.

Me as a complainer
Me as a complainer | Source

Now I am being exposed as a complainer by fanbox

In one of the posts by fanbox president Brian Woosley I am used as an example of a complainer. They deactivated my account 2 days before the date on his post: Since they are using me as an example I think they should re-instate me account.

Account No Longer Accessible!

Put in a cash withdrawal request for the over $200 profit earned. Got an email from fanbox saying my request was processed. No money has gone into my Papal and now I am in fanbox's "guest mode". A friend said it appears my account has been removed when they tried to find me on fanbox. Went to the BBB and another on-line help site,, and reported them. Only then did receive payment. Others, in leaving comments, have said they have had their accounts closed for saying things about fanbox and not being paid also. Have been suggesting to them to do the same as I did.

I need an invite to get back in. Or Brian and company can do the right thing and let me back in. Just want to be on the social side and keep up on what is going on there. So, If anyone has an invite code please let me know.

Speak No!
Speak No! | Source

As of Aug-1-2015 Cease and desist letters.

I have been getting These: Fanbox "Cease and Desist" letters

From: San Diego, CA 92101

Jessica Maiden <>

Jul 23 2015: to me, Stephanie, mike <---and others

They want me to stop saying things that are not true. Some of the things I have said are definitely true and I refuse to edit them out of this hub. Other things I have to change. There is a fine line between legal and just not right. They send me documents to sign. The documents can't be signed because I do not have an upgraded Adobe account. $14.95 or such. I sent the following : on Jul-23-15

Send me something I can sign. That pdf you sent I have to spend money on an up grade. Send me a self stamped envelope or maybe a word document. Hubpages has already taken down my article. I have a copy and will re-use it if fanbox and you do not quit harassing me. Please read where fanbox has used me without my permission. I asked them to re-instate my account last April 2014 and they didn't. I want that done as part of the settlement for them using my statement in their post and putting me in a bad light.

Some legal thing
Some legal thing | Source

Maybe finally a solution

Latest Aug-5-2015:

Fanbox has not responded back yet. Hubpages has temporarily republished this hub only after I sent them a legal signed affidavit form they emailed me. The first one I just typed in my name where is said signature. Hubpages emailed back saying it must be actually signed. One of the options was to use a PNG format. So I downloaded the affidavit form to the windows downloads directory and opened it with paint. You can then use your mouse, or whatever, to sign your name on the line. Don't forget to type your name at the beginning, like I did. I received another email from Hubpages saying I need to do that. After sending them that PNG, They sent back stating this hub has been published subject to their review.

Let me know what problems you are having with fanbox or any help I may give.

Helping Hand
Helping Hand | Source

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    • profile image

      Julie Campbell 2 months ago

      Wow! Is there anything you don't know doug!!!? And FanBox well u need to help me more with this

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 2 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      The reason I got my money must be this Hub. They thought I was going to take it down. And I did go to the BBB and they twisted their nups enough. I even had to sign a statement with Hubpages that states what I said here is true. Or they where going to remove it.

      I rejoined Fanbox Sept-2016, renamed Empower, under a different name. It is worse than before. I got an invite in an e-mail like the first time. They are now apparently blocking my page from others. Because I inform others about their tactics.

    • sarzce profile image

      cesar 15 months ago from Philippines

      I am now at the brink of surrendering and believing this FanBox/Empower is a big joke. It is not living to its motto of giving members the opportunity to uplift their financial status.

      The truth is they are burying members in debt thru the IPL loan. I have been paying the charges for 2 years and never had the chance to cashout just because according to their policy I must have to "use that loan" else you can't cashout what you have earned.

      I no longer want to have loan and wanted to get my money but I have no control.

    • profile image

      Leslie Smith 15 months ago

      A scam. is a scam, is a scam.

    • profile image

      ec progress 15 months ago

      Report Bernie Madoff type Ponzi scams to

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 19 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      I am currently working on a Honda 1986 3 wheeler. As for hiring someone

      to screw up. I like doing the work and don't want to be a baby sitter.

      That $7,000 will be eaten up by monthly fees and late charges. And fanbox

      counts loans as cash. You have to pay all that back with real money at 1.58%

      for the 3 months they hold your money and can be higher than the 4.5% to 5%

      average income you earn on that $7,000 loan in that 3 mo.

      They don't have any problems taking money from your CC or paypal. Their typical double talk. You, however, have the problem of them taking without your permission . They have taken out of both of mine. I disconnected them from my paypal. Then they took the charges out of my CC. I had my CC # changed by Master Card and didn't give them the new #. From then on I made one time payments without giving them access. Till they kicked me out!

      They prey on the common folk who don't realize they are being duped with easy big profits prospects.

    • Travis Young profile image

      Travis Young 19 months ago

      Fan box has said something like "you have $7,000 earned!!!!", over a year period. Well I have never had an adequate response to my simple Credit Card reliability question: "What can you guys tell me about how you are protecting my CC from unauthorized access?" I had ONE response 2 days ago out of about 20 times emailing writing these folks. His response was, "well we've never had any problems!" My response was," that is not an adequate description of your protection procedures. Basic Business practice requires you to address this." The SILENCE has been deafening.. So on reading Doug Cutler s piece, I'm gratified I was cautious. So! Doug! Based on your stated skill-set and you statement about needing to make money; I suggest this: Hire a couple of Flunkies and supervise them repairing and tuning ATV's. This is a BIGTIME activity in the WEST South and most of rural America. The majority of American men are buying one or thinking about buying one. Horses are gone. Also, finding someone who is careful, and thorough about tune-ups and repairs is premium. Such concern is hard to find. My experience is ATV repair is casual and careless.

    • Gury Miller profile image

      Gury Miller 2 years ago from Otalampi, Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland

      HI))Fanbox, wow great community what people are trying to tothere and earn something)) really great people there all around the world but that is not point at all)) yea was member too two years just was doing usual things as all other Fanboxers and as all at first looks normal so why not take few hundreds out when you can take more )) so few month ago just lost my great job just people don't need that kind of things i can do em and that all over the word situation is not great to be envolved with artists, designers and what ever people like different things not from store )) so was time to take earnings out as much as i think get )) but yea was askind , from billing dep filling forms even wrote to Brian Woosley and was asking if his promice if i don't can't or what ever reason is want out hi gives all earnings and say bye )) fill i that form sent it no answers from billing dep no answers from mr president and poor soumittra bhatta as sucsess coach get questions and what ever i was talking never no one don't tell how you get your earnings come out so just was wrote to that asshole Brian Woosley that he must put dress on as i don't see reasons to eat own words or play i don't read your story )) so happy end after one hour i just was deleted from that game ))

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 2 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      virginia and others: Go to the BBB and file a complaint. It is easier then

      I first thought. Most of the info in already filled out because others have given the info. Fanbox is a U.S. company so it is in BBB territory.

      I have been blocked by Brian Woosley last April. So I went to the BBB

      then to get the money fanbox owed me. Read comments below to see.

    • profile image

      virginia 2 years ago

      i wqork on thesse site from2010 and i earned some money with cash aut, but yesterday i have been bloked my acount,with lot of money into my earning.... are not words for theis.....

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 2 years ago from Temperance. Mich


      Your cohort Woosley has not kept his word by sending me ALL my hard earned

      money as stated in his rant that he has slandered my character via his blog:

      I did get the $210. There is still about $60 I have earned. He or fanbox has canceled my account about the 19 of April. So now I don't have access to request that money owed me.

      Also he can do the right thing and restate my fanbox account.

    • Rhumour profile image

      Rhumour 2 years ago from Lincolnshire

      Les, your irrational attempts to malign my ethics are in full denial of my very long and very easily seen actions as an activist for fair play in many world issues. A small number of people make noises against FanBox - by any stretch of the imagination if your complaints were typical the numbers following this hub would be measured in tens of thousands or more!

      Perhaps you have at some point made vocal support for positive activities as I have? I've donated my time and efforts for many years on behalf of campaigning organizations that back diverse causes such as Orphanages, animal welfare, an end to the annual Dolphin slaughter in Japan, the need for greater efforts to bring an end to conflicts in Gaza, Syria, etc. The need for far greater efforts to end hunger across huge populations that have been affected by natural disasters, climate change, etc.

      I am a contributing member of The Red Cross, Greenpeace, Oxfam, 38 Degrees, Causes 2, iPeace, etc. I have donated bespoke poems to causes without any recompense, I am currently donating book revenues to fund raising causes for both human and animal welfare...

      Anyone who ignore those FACTS and can twist things to claim my ethics are questionable as you have done is frankly unworthy of any credibility whatsoever!

      If and when you make any serious attempts to research your topic before you throw more insults about you may rise marginally out of the gutter - but be honest, nothing you have written so far has demonstrated much prospect of that - has it?

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 2 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      The non payment issue has mainly been solved. The $210 notice email was in another email account. You have to click on the link to receive your money. It should be the other way around. You should have to click on a link when fanbox wants to take money. Anyway, since Brian wants to slander my character in his rants, I will not close this until he honors what he said there and send all the other money, about $60, I have earned through long hours and little pay.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I have also filed with BBB after someone said it would be beneficial to do so.

      It was a lot easier then I thought since the info is already there to use.


      Thank you for submitting your complaint to us.

      The BBB that will process your complaint is:

      BBB Serving San Diego, Orange & Imperial Counties

      4747 Viewridge Ave #200

      San Diego, CA 92123

      Phone: (858)496-2131

      Fax: (858)496-2141

      Email Address:


      You will hear from this BBB soon regarding your complaint.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I have issued a complaint at about fanbox not sending me my money. Will see if it does any good. It will be a waste of time at the BBB. They have no power unless the company you are complaining about is a member. Fanbox is not a member. I wonder why not? Not really.

    • 3amart profile image

      JoLynn Potocki 3 years ago from Toledo, OH

      That should be easy enough to clear up via Paypal. Just ask FanBox for the transaction number and it should be very easy to trace. :)

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I sent in a complaint to fanbox about not receiving my payment and they claim to have sent it to me April 12. Next I will have to send Paypal a complaint and see

      if they are holding the payment for some reason. Or is fanbox lying! Will see!

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 3 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      Girl from Asia: Woosley has threatened to remove "problem" accounts after taking as much as they can from them. I am out $210. They even sent me an email on April 17 saying "Your cash out has been processed!" I received nothing so far and on the 19th my account was inactive. May have to go to some complaint site and issue a complaint about them.

    • profile image

      Girl from Asia 3 years ago

      FanBox robbed me of my money. They charged me IPL processing fee in my paypal account and immediately removed my account. I have 90-day matured earnings to be cashed out but they removed my account. They deleted my account because I am criticizing the president. I am an idiot believing in them and a willing victim to their scheme. What a shame.

    • profile image

      Just Say No 3 years ago

      FanBox requires a lot more time than it's worth. If you take the time spent to just do the activities on the 7-Day Action Plan, which cannot be done in 2 hours a day btw, you are in debt to FanBox from Day 1.

      For the sake of argument, let's say you spent just 2 hours a day. How much is your time worth after :

      - you fan 500 other members

      - you wait for the money to mature minimum 90 days

      - pay monthly power user payments

      - pay monthly IPL fees

      - pay back all utilized IPL before cash out

      - Bugs in the software causing areas of the site to not function such as fanning other members.

      - Mentions of more audit teams which will delay more cash outs.

      How is that even a Mission to uplift people?

      It’s putting good people in debt thinking they are going to cash out when the rules keep changing in the middle of the game.

      Those and many other things about the site that make me uncomfortable lead me to believe that it is not worth my time to participate.

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