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Things Successful People Avoid Doing

Updated on February 9, 2015

A Successful Businessman

There are innumerable factors that may contribute to the success of people. Some of the most important factors are their attitude, skills, their ability to take action and so on. But at the same time, there are certain things successful people avoid doing because these things may impede their efforts to succeed.

According to Travis Bradberry, who has co-authored the post "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" on LinkedIn, successful people manage their emotions very well and even when they face pressure, they remain cool, calm and composed. The fact is that if you do not control your emotions, you may do all wrong things. This means what you avoid doing is also very important.

Findings from a research conducted on several thousands of people revealed that top performers have high emotional intelligence. This research also reveals what successful people do not do for managing their emotions and keeping cool, calm and composed in any situation. Let us have a look.

They Never Regret Over Their Past

No one is infallible and therefore, successful people may have also committed blunders. But they know that feeling guilty or regretting about their past deeds will lead to failure. Journey to success involves risks. Many of the wrong choices they may have made may have led to those mistakes. But if they continue regretting about their past mistakes, they may lose self-belief and this will not allow them to move ahead.

They Focus On Solutions And Not On Problems

During the course of their success journey, they may have encountered several problems. But they may have focused only on solutions for the problems and not on the issues. Focusing on problems will cause negative emotions and this ultimately leads to stress. Therefore, those who focus on issues will not be able to perform to their optimum. On the other hand, if they start focusing on solutions, they will have positive emotions that may create conducive circumstances that may help them surmount their problems. Their performance will also get a boost. That is the reason successful people always focus on solutions.

They Do Not Hold Grudge

Once a conversation or an event that has angered them has become a thing of the past, they do not hold grudge over the person or the event that has angered them. Holding grudge may cause stress and so, may affect their mental and physical health. This ultimately delays their success.

Perfection Is Not Their Priority

Successful people never aim for perfection because they know that it is like chasing a mirage. In fact, aiming for perfection may induce a sense of negativity in people. So, those who aim for perfection do not rejoice over their accomplishments but they may focus on where they have failed. They may not be able to enjoy what they are doing also. Doing things without enjoyment and interest will not produce optimal results and so, their success may be delayed.

They Avoid Negative People

Successful people know that negative people and those who always complain can spoil all their efforts. Negative people focus only on their problems and they want others to sympathize with them. Successful people may not like to get sucked into the emotional spiral of such negative people. So, they distance themselves from them.

They Never Say 'Yes' When They Have To Say 'No'

Saying 'yes' to every one may ruin all their plans. Not only that, they may not have time to do other important things. This will not only cause stress but may lead to burnout as well. Successful people know that they can not be good to everyone. So, those who aspire to succeed should learn to directly say 'no' to requests they cannot fulfill. By doing so, they can honor and fulfill their existing commitments. They can fast-track their success also.


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