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Things needed to regain lost customers !!!

Updated on May 2, 2016

During the fierce competition of the market, customer retention is a very important and difficult. Customers often tend to convert their units supply. So businesses need to how to entice customers back to their old.

Do it your sales will be increased significantly.

1. Make a list of customers who do not return

To be able to determine the cause customers to leave and seek to attract them back, first of all need to list specific customers who have left.

In fact, you can remember even the largest customer was gone, but many smaller customers very easy to go into oblivion.
The main result, many enterprises save information about customers and sales policies, the most appropriate marketing policy.

2. Find out why customers leave

After having detailed information about customers who do not come back now, you can send people direct contact or call for those customers.

Before doing this, need to understand previous transactions with enterprise customers such as purchasing products / services do, why buy, at what price.

When asked about the reasons customers do not come back now, the two most common answers were:

"The product / service you are not as expected". If a customer is not satisfied with the product / service or upset with the attitude of the salesperson, then you should ask more specific about the knots that to determine if the product / service you really have matter? The staff extremely rude to customers? Staff is there lack sales skills and lack of information about the products sold?

"We found other businesses whose products / services better." No one likes to hear this, but you need customers mentioned as specific as possible about why they choose other businesses. Lower prices, choose a richer, better service, better location, better delivery?

Then find a satisfactory explanation for each issue. Remember, the lower the price is rarely the best way to increase competitiveness, unless you feel its price higher. Instead, you should focus on the prominent position than other businesses.

3. Suggest further transactions

In any case, you should apologize to customers for any inconvenience or misunderstanding something. If customers set out the reasons that you can not deny it, you should do all it can to improve the situation.

However, if customers give vague reasons, are not satisfactory to the left, then your efforts almost futile, because these people do not seem willing to continue dealing with you.

4. Introduce a more favorable offer

For those customers had left, to stimulate them to go back, you should give them the compelling invitation for someone like discount, a gift when dealing ...

5. Focus customer care services

Convince customers back with new business is only half successful. You need to ensure perfect service to they can really satisfied and loyal to you.

After the transaction, should call them to ask if they are not satisfied and do not need to adjust anything. Good product, excellent service, together with such interest, you're sure to repeat good relationship with the customers had not come back to your business.


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