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Things to Consider Before Shopping Black Friday

Updated on November 27, 2014

Not All Store Have Sales

Not every store have a black Friday sale, especially if these store are discounted stores. They do however may have a credit card/reward card that you can use for a small discount and reward points. I will talk about this again later.


Store Credit and Reward

Some stores will have either a reward card, credit card, or both... some good example of both would be stores like TJ Maxx and Best Buy.

If the store have an option of both reward and credit card, I would go with the latter if you shop at that store a lot, since it will give you more back in reward. Some store, not all, will let you use this discount with the black Friday sale if you are instantly approved.

Instantly approved? You may ask. Some store will only give you the discount if you are approved in store. If you are not, don't freak out, because the company that's running the credit needs more information about you.

Don't blame the cashier either, like an elderly lady did at me one time, we have no authority over this. It's also a part their job to get you to apply. For every 100 customers I ring out, I should get at least 1 customer to sign up for the store's credit card.

If you don't like cashier constantly asking you to apply for a credit card, don't freak out either, just take the survey that's displayed on the back or bottom of your receipt and let them know.

Store that offer reward cards might require you to be a member to get any sort of specials and deals, this usually apply to grocery stores. If you're not a member and didn't get the special price, don't attack the cashier. All you have to do is fill out the membership form.

I've been told from friends in these store that some customers are too paranoid to sign up believing that the store's out to steal their information. This is not completely true. I get more out of these memberships than I do at stores that don't offer them. Especially with coupons that are either sent to me through my house or email.

Retail Workers Are Human too.

I have lost count of the times where customers abuse their power and lash out at sale associates when they're not getting what they want, such as a discount on an item that can easily be fixed or cleaned up.

Do consider that these associates are also human just like yourself. They are paid a minimum wage to put up with the abuse. Most of these associates are long time worker who are 'used' to it. Others however are either temp. worker hired for the season or new and are not used to it.

They do not have authority over the store's policy, so please, don't lash out at them when they tell you they can't grant your wish.

Because some will cry and I've seen a number of friends and co-workers cry, either right in front of the customer or back in the break room.

Do You Really Need it?

How badly is it that you want to buy that item that's going to be on sale? Chances are someone else need it more and chances are you just want to buy it just because it's on sale.

Sales will continue throughout the season, especially after Christmas and end of the year sale, so put that into consideration. The savings aren't as high as black Friday but at least you'll save yourself the stress and have a better chance of getting that item.

Shop Online

Black Friday sales start as early as Thanksgiving.

Although most stores are closed, the sale start online on Thanksgiving.

Some online stores have the same sale as they do in store. You can save time sitting in traffic and the surfing through the crowd by shopping online.


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