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Things to Consider When Tipping in a Spa

Updated on September 30, 2013

Tipping your spa attendants is commonly accepted in most spas and is great way to reward and show our appreciation for their great work. However, it can be quite confusing and embarrassing if you don’t know how much is the going rate for specific spa services.

Tipping is relatively subjective

It may depend on how you perceive the level of service you received. In fact, there are no hard and fast rules as to how much you should tip. Just like with restaurants and other service-oriented organizations, there are certain rates suggested to tip your attendants as gratuity. The standard rate is at 15-20% when tipping spa treatments.

Many resort spas and health clubs already add a tip or a.k.a service fee on their services so tipping will be the least of your worries. But if you think your spa attendant gave an excellent service to you, then you can give a little extra to reward their efforts.

You have the option to hand your tip directly to your spa attendant or place it inside envelopes provided by the spa. If two or more therapists provide their services to you, each one should be appropriately tipped. Your spa attendant will appreciate it if you give your tip in cash.

When to tip less or none at all

  • If you think that your therapist was nice but the service was beyond mediocre, you have the option to tip less or tip them in full but don’t visit them again and just find another spa next time.

  • if the price for spa treatments are already exorbitant, you can tip them at 10-15% which is lower than what is customary.

  • It’s perfectly fine not to tip spa owners even when they personally helped you out.

  • If your therapist is ill-mannered or make some lewd advances on you, you shouldn’t tip at all and inform the management of what happened so this can be addressed immediately.

  • You are not expected to give tips to medical beauty procedures like Botox, microdermabrasions, photofacials and other major facial surgeries. Medical spas don’t encourage tipping because this may divert away from their medical practice. However, if you had a body massage or facial treatment from the same medical spa, you should tip.

  • If you were given a spa gift certificate, make sure to inform the receptionist about this because tips may or may not be included.

  • Tipping therapists on their private practice is not encouraged because they get to keep the whole amount for themselves already. However, your therapist will appreciate it if you still tip. You may want to tip them if you think they charge their services very low but if their services are a bit pricey, then I think they are more than compensated well.

  • Remember that spa specialists depend on their tips to augment their income so cheating them out of their tip is frowned upon. If you can’t afford to give tips, then I suggest that you don’t visit spas until you have some extra money.

Do you tip your spa therapists? Let us know your comments below.

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