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Things to Remember at the Beginning of Success

Updated on December 15, 2014

The Beginning

You day dream about your success, and you believe it’s possible, but you just can't see that the action and hard work your currently putting in is the beginning of success. People fail for three reasons: they give up, they focus on the wrong things, or they just can't focus at all. If you fail, understand that it is your fault. No one was in control of your success but you. Don't quit when things don't go your way, don't run when times get hard. Instead, continue to day dream about achievement and the life you want the most. Get excited and motivated by your future. Let that generate enough positive energy to keep you going on this beginning journey to success. You don’t know how far you've come until you look back and evaluate. Try not to look back in the beginning though; you won't appreciate your milestones so early on. Since the beginning stage is so important, surround yourself with successful, inspiring, like-minded people. This time is far too precious and important to be influenced by friends, family and associates who don’t comprehend your path or respect your time invested in your business and you. Here are some things to remember while you’re on this journey:

The reason or the purpose for your great idea.

Don’t get sidetracked forgetting why you started in the first place. The reason for your leap of faith should always be your number 1 motivator. Obviously, you decided to make a change because you were tired of the emotions you once always felt. Avoid that undesirable sensation and choose to aim for a permanent change and a better life.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your excitement about your future success with complete strangers.

You know that saying ‘people who don’t know you typically show more support than your family’? Well, I believe that to be true. You never know who could be a great connection to your next level of achievements. People like to invest in others who show passion and believe not only in themselves, but in their vision. So the next time you have a conversation with a complete stranger, be sure to mention your business endeavor and make them feel your energy of happiness and excitement. Plus it’s always better to talk to people who won’t judge you, simply because they don’t know you. I’ve found that sharing your enthusiasm with strangers boost confidence.

"Your life should be of better quality than your shoes.”

- Krystle P.

“NO” is not a word to be afraid of.

We know that anything worth having never comes easy. Things may go smoothly in the beginning, but just like relationships, there will be bumps in the road along the way. It’s up to you to decide you want this bad enough to make it work. There will always be a “NO” from somebody, some company, or something period. Don’t be discouraged by it. Exhaust all possible options and never give up. Eventually you’ll come across the amazing “YES” you’ve been waiting for, not realizing the “NO’s” had made you a little tougher. Congratulations, you’ve lived the definition of persistence.

Asking for help is not a bad idea.

You’ll burn yourself out trying to do everything on your own. Yes this is your journey, business, idea, thing, whatever; don’t go crazy trying to be superman. The motto is to work smarter, not harder. Recruit a partner to take some stress off your hands or hire someone who can perform special task that you aren’t equipped for (if budget permits.) Trying to do everything alone can sometimes leave you discouraged or ready to give up or take a break. Remember, this beginning stage is crucial, so there is no time for breaks or pauses. Keep the ball rolling, even if it’s at a slow but steady pace.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Give yourself some credit. You are brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams. Never listen to someone who does not have the courage to do what you have done thus far. As long as you are sticking to the plan and making strides every day, you are moving forward. Believe it or not, you are many steps closer to your success just because you took the first step. Keep doing what you’re doing and learn to do it better than you did before. You are almost there! I can see you are just because you decided to read this.


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