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Things to do after getting fired.

Updated on August 6, 2015

Stay Positive.

You've just earned your freedom! You have all the time in world to do things that you love. You significant other half will not complain about you not having enough time for them. Remember how much you loved jogging, watching TV, window shopping or whatever? Now's the perfect time to do it. While other people are dealing with the same shit different day scenario, you sleeping in with not a care in the world aside from not having income.

Dealing with money issues.

It really boils down on your financial situation after getting fired. Maybe you were living paycheck to paycheck. Then by all means start looking for a job right away. Maybe find a part time job on craigslist or something. Help paint a house, mow a few lawns, or start writing for hubpages. Constantly look money opportunities. Maybe after getting fired you are sick of working in a company environment. Have a change of pace then. Go babysit or help walk dogs. Sitting around staying depressed is not an option. On the other hand if you have been saving money for a rainy day, then you have the luxury of dealing with your emotional well-being.

Dealing with Emotional Issues.

The first thing is to deal with is accepting that you got fired. There's no getting around it. Accept the fact and move on. The question you probably have in mind is why you got fired? It's nothing personal, something probably just doesn't like you. Maybe you were under performing and getting your boss in trouble. Maybe you had an attitude problem. Many you simply didn't fit with the company culture. Think of a way to improve yourself for your next job. Have a plan and get better at what you do. Pick a company where you feel that you fit in.

Other reasons might be because you are doing too well and your boss is afraid you would replace him/her. Maybe you looked too happy and your boss was jealous and wanted to make you miserable. Some people are just abusive in nature, in this case you should be happy that you got fired. Like attracts like, if your boss is abusive then his/her boss is probably abusive. A toxic work place would make you toxic as well. Sometimes getting fired is for the better good. New opportunities will arise. The next thing to do is to stay busy.

Staying Busy.

It is important to stay busy and productive. Eating chips and watching TV is really not a good way to do things. Gambling, doing drugs, or binge drinking are just unhealthy ways to deal with pain. Technicality staying busy and productive is just another way to escape the pain, but it will make you better.

Maybe you were an under performer and you were technically inferior to your co workers. Put in the work, find classes to go to or download ebooks to read. If you are reading this article chances are you have access to the internet. The internet is full of tips and ideas to make you more knowledgeable.

Maybe you are sick of doing the same stuff over and over again. Consider picking up a new professional skill, a change of pace and finding something that excites you is probably something you need. Learning new things can be joyful.

Being more knowledgeable will be helpful in dealing with confidence issues that might arise from getting fired.

Confidence Issues.

You have just escape the rat race. Simply taking a break and going back in for a sprint. Not having a job doesn't mean you are worthless, it just means you aren't very good at making money. You might be good at other things, don't let money dictate your value. 90% of the population are simply employed and by no means rich. Money wise they are only a little bit better than you. They are still in the rat race all the same.

Everyone has their own strengths and weakness. A fish might not be able to climb trees, but they definitely swim very well.


Best luck to you.

Life is full of surprises. New things are bound to happen. It is up to you for making it happen. Never give up and keep trying! Live life to the fullest.

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