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Things you must check before buying costly products on ebay

Updated on October 29, 2012

Online shopping is one of the most searched topics on google these days and there are many online shopping websites like eBay and that takes advantage of this prevailing taste in people . Even though eBay claims to be a safe and reliable place to trade but there are many security loopholes that people take advantage of. I for one have experienced a lot on eBay but despite some very bad experiences i learned a lot and now i can say i know the deal to trade on eBay . So its good to know some things beforehand to avoid the disappointment later .

Seven things you must check when shopping online

1> List of items included : Mostly the mistake an inexperience buyer makes is not to check the list of accessories and materials that would be included if purchased at retail . For example when buying a smartphone we just look at its features and in excitement fail to check the accessories included with the item . When you receive the shipment you find the headphones or the memory card missing which i experienced once. So its better to check all the things offered with the main item before buying .

2> Bill & Warranty : As someone is selling on cheap there's a possibility that he ll exclude something from the original product , mostly warranty card . Don't simply expect that the item will work fine just because it was well sealed when received . You ll need the warranty card and bill in case of repair or even if you want to sell it later . So make sure its highlighted in the things listed with the item .

3> Reviews and Feedback of the seller : Its important to check the sellers feedback to see whether you can trust the person you are going to do business with . Don't just get impressed by couple of good reviews , review it thoroughly before making up your mind . If the feedback rating is less than 98 , don't bother yourself and move onto the next one .

4> Shipping and Handling Cost : Beware if the shipping cost is not listed in the description . If yes then ask the seller how much such cost will be to avoid the surprises at the time of delivery because then you ll have no option but to pay or risk the item itself .

5> Quality of the Item in Photos : Look at the photos of the given product by properly zooming them . Check if they are just the stocked pictures from the company website or If you have seen the exact same photo in another auction ? If yes then be suspicious . Especially when buying the old products you need to check the condition of the product through photos .

6> The Contact Details of the Seller : Contact the seller before buying , talk to him through messages via eBay . Ask eBay to provide the contact information of the seller and eBay will mail you the contact details . Once you receive the details contact him and ask your questions to check the authenticity of the seller .

7> Return Policy : Properly check the return policy near the bottom of the listing . Don't get impressed by money back guarantees and cheap shipping prices . If there's no satisfactory guarantee don't bother checking further .

Even if you don't feel satisfied when receiving the product then contact the seller . If you think the product you received is not the same as it was listed , return it and report it on eBay . eBay doesn't release the payments to the seller till you confirm the receipt. But before posting any negative feedback on seller's profile give them chance to fix it . There can be some misunderstanding and nobody wins when you get nasty .

If you still have any question feel free to comment .


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